Berlin, The City of Freedom.

Berlin is the capital, the biggest and the most inhabited city in Germany; it is also a green city since one-third of Berlin is composed of forests, rivers, lakes, parks and gardens. Berlin is known to be the city of freedom, meaning that this metropolis gives a chance and full respect to any human being to be whoever they want to be, wear anything they like or be part of any community they choose.

The strong past and the history of Berlin and Germany made a big change in the population’s mindset. Now they believe in freedom, and they want to let it be known to all nationalities. You and anyone who visits any German city can actually see and feel the amount of freedom that this country offers. People can express themselves in any way they like. However, respect is a mandatory rule that everyone should follow. This is the perfect city where you can experience all that Germany went through, its old history and past are all in the city of Berlin.

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Berlin welcomes people of all kinds.

Museums, old neighbourhoods, historical squares, monuments, gastronomy, and all the different nationalities you will get to discover in this cosmopolitan city. If you are a history and art seeker or a nightlife and festivals seeker, you are more than welcome in Berlin, as it is the home of more than 43 theatres and stages, and it has one of the most diverse and vibrant nightlife of its kind.

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