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5 Must-See Places in Dubrovnik – Croatia

5 Must-See Places in Dubrovnik – Croatia

“Dubrovnik is called the pearl of the Adriatic Sea and as soon as you visit it, is not difficult to understand the reason why it was given that name…”

Dubrovnik is extremely beautiful, it is like a jewel hidden among medieval walls, bathed by a sapphire-coloured sea and surrounded by mountains. It has a unique and great flaw: it is usually at the top of travellers’ lists, but anyway, we all already know that perfection does not exist.

In this article you are going to find out the best 5 things to see and do in Dubrovnik:

  • 1. The visit to Dubrovnik should start with its most precious treasure: its historic centre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979. It was sure that at that time there was not so much tourism. 
  • 2. Take a walk on top of the walls of Dubrovnik. The walls surround the old town for about 2 km and can be visited for a fee (about 16 euros) it is really worth it.
  • 3. Luza square, is one of the most beautiful squares in Dubrovnik. Here are many of the most emblematic buildings such as the Bell Tower, the Sponza Palace and the Church of San Blas.
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  • 4. You cannot leave Dubrovnik without enjoying some of its beaches. The most famous beaches are the beach of Banje, Sveti Jakov, Buza and Danče. One of the favourite beaches of Dubrovnik’s tourists is Banje beach, for its transparent waters and especially for its amazing views of the walled city. 
  • 5. Visit Fort Lovrijenac, located in the northwest of the old town. From here the views are breathtaking and you can also step on a bit of history of the city (it was a very important defensive fortification). Tip: look at the front door for the phrase “Non-Bene Pro Toto Venditur Auro Libertas” which means “Freedom is not sold for all the treasures of the world”.
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Now you know what are some of the must-do and see in Dubrovnik, make sure you wear comfy shoes and clothes if you are planning to discover every corner of this historical city, as you will be surprised by the number of hills and high viewpoints that this city has.

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