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5 Of The Best Places To Discover While Visiting Geneva   

5 Of The Best Places To Discover While Visiting Geneva   

5 Of The Best Places To Discover While Visiting Geneva   

Geneva is an international and cosmopolitan city in Switzerland. It is located over the shores of Lake Geneva, which is also near the French border. It is known for its wealth and is among the top 5 wealthiest cities globally. Geneva has a lot to offer to all of its tourists. 

To assist you in organizing your trip to this beautiful city, the following are some of the beautiful places to discover in Geneva. 

Top 5 Places To Visit In Geneva

Top 5 places to visit in Geneva
<sup>Aerial view of Geneva city in Switzerland<sup>
  1. The Jet d’Eau of Geneva:

The water jet symbolizes Geneva as it is the creation of its decorative version in 1891. However, its first purpose was not to be aesthetic. It was, in fact, just a solution to a technical issue. The first version, which is 30m high, only acted as a safety valve for water facilities in the city. 

The current version, dating from 1950, is a vast 140m high jet. Every second over 500 liters of water are expelled from it at a speed of 200 km per hour. Each moment, 7 tons of this beautiful water spray is formed by this water jet. 

  1. Geneva Old Town:

This is the most significant historic major in Switzerland and is one of Geneva’s best places to visit. This city includes Calvin College, Bastion Park, The Reformation Wall, Treille Promenade, The Tavel House, and many more city highlights that will help you understand this world better. On your visit to this town, you must pay attention to the names of the streets. 

They have meanings like Hell, Every soul, Purgatory, and the Golden Cross. Some tourist attractions also deserve a paragraph on them to know more. 

  1. Geneva Saint Peter’s Cathedral:

This is one of the top places to visit in Geneva. It was built for the catholic rite, and then it became a Protestant place of worshipping in 1535. If you haven’t seen a Protestant church, you might be surprised that the interior you find is just simple once inside. All the ornaments have been removed. 

  1. Treille Promenade:

This place is located on the very outskirts of this old town. It isn’t far from the town hall. It is the oldest in Geneva and is mainly known for two things. That includes the most extended wooden bench in the world here, the Geneva official chestnut tree located here, and its first leaf announces the arrival of spring in the land. 

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  1. Bastions Park:

One of the top must-see attractions in Geneva is this park. There are two major attractions: the 100m reformation wall and the Giant Chess games. These both have attracted tourists to this place for a long. The Reformation Wall has 5m tall statues of great preachers Guillaume Farel, Jean Calvin, John Knox, and Theodore de Beze. 

These are some of the must-see attractions in Geneva and are known as the ones to take you to heaven.

Top 5 places to visit in Geneva
<sup>View of the Lake of Geneva Switzerland<sup>

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