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A Delightful Travel Guide to Peru

A Delightful Travel Guide to Peru

Discovering Peru in an Exclusive Way

The South American country of Peru is a brimming locale of multiple cultural and biological variegations. With an enviable spread of luxuriant natural artistry – mountains, deserts and rainforests dotting its map, this place is a wholesome destination for travel hounds. Therefore, we bring you few ideas to take into account while exploring this Incan Wonderland.

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Lounging in Luxury Hotels

Proximal to the historic ruins of Machu Picchu lies the Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo hotel with its warm and serene Pueblo roofed cottages and alpaca sheeted linens. The Belmond Hotel Monasterio will question your subconscious associations between opulence and lowland comfort territory. Located at about 3000 meters above the sea, it offers you gold studded museums, impeccably fine dining and outstanding Incan architecture. Or you could enjoy the window views in the lake faced resorts of Titilaka or relish authentic Peruvian dishes in the Inti Raymi restaurant of the Palacio del Inka Cusco hotel in Cuzco.

Hoping onto a Luxury Train

You could board the Belmond Andean Explorer and unwind on their premium leather reclines while dozing off to picturesque views of the lush green territories passing by. They have open-air sightseeing cabins and a spa too! Another train named Vistadome runs touring services – the most attractive highlight being its transparent and domed roofs. It might just happen that you wake up to views of the limitless skyline and wonder if you are in heaven.

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Visiting Peru’s Mountains and Canyons

Immerse yourself in the looming dark depths of the Colca Canyon if you want to discover flowers and birds you have never set sight upon before. Twice as deep as the Grand Canyon, it has the most stunning waterfalls. The Inca Trail to Machu Pichhu is unmissable among the 20 odd trekking destinations in Peru. What counts it as phenomenal is the endpoint of the trial. You will be standing right in the middle of the cradle of the Incan Civilisation – Machu Pichhu. Other treks include the colour paletted rainbow mountains, Vilcamba district sitting within the Andes and Lake 69 with irresistible alpine views.

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Five-Star Culinary Joints

Book a table at Central in Lima to taste the local spread from every place you have travelled to in your Peruvian holiday. Their menu depicts Peru’s gigantic biodiversity, and the relishes will make your taste buds go gaga. First, there’s the Astrid y Gaston with back to back 30 servings of gourmet cuisine to accentuate your senses. And then, if you are still yearning for more, try lunching on Amazonian Rainforest staples at Malabar restaurant.

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