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Adventurous Travel Guide to Namibia

Adventurous Travel Guide to Namibia

Discover The Wild Side of Namibia

It’s a country that is named after its desert “Namib”. Namibia is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa. A major part of Namibia is barren land with endless Savannah and bushes, but it’s a heaven for photographers due to its land of contrasts and clear colours. It has everything that you want on an adventurous trip. It’s easy to explore independently, it’s safe, and locals are amicable. I am sure we all are aware of African flora and fauna, and there’s no doubt that Namibia will be any different in this regard. Running through the heart of the country is a spine of mountains that creates glorious scenery. Namibia is the perfect introduction to Africa, and if you are planning to Africa, this is the best place to start your trip. There are plenty of places to visit and views to admire in Namibia.

NAMIBIA – Spectacular Roadtrip in 4K Ultra HD

Etosha National Park

This is a unique park in Africa. It has a salt pan so big that it’s visible from space. There are many camps in the park that you can visit and even book your stay. You can visit the Etosha Pan that is massive in the park and was formed almost 100 million years ago. You can check out some waterholes if you want to spot some local wildlife. Depending on the season, you can spot a variety of flora and fauna in the park.


It is a truly breathtaking place located in the Namib-Naukluft National Park. It is a prehistoric river bed that is surrounded by vast red dunes. It has some of the tallest dunes on the planet that creates an otherworldly view. Another most underrated place in the Naukluft National Park is the incredible coastline where the Atlantic Ocean meets the endless Namibian desert.

Spitzkoppen Lodge

It is located in the Brandberg and Erongo Mountains. It provides a breathtaking view of Namibia’s natural beauty. It is about a five-hour drive away from Windhoek, the capital of Namibia.

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Remote Wilderness

Nambia is so vast and sparsely populated that you may feel like the last man on Earth. That is the effect of the country’s barren land and sand-swept coastline. From the Skeleton Coast to the Angolan border, you will find multiple shipwrecks that only enhance this feeling of remoteness. If that’s not enough, there’s Kalahari desert and Nyae National park.

History and Culture

Namibia has a fascinating past. To learn more about its history, you can explore its architecture and museums. Different regions of Namibia tell a different story of their past. Some areas are as recent as the colonial experience, and others are as old as the history of humanity itself. Visit different regions to explore more.

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