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Algarve, The Most Important Touristic Region in Portugal

Algarve, The Most Important Touristic Region in Portugal

Algarve is the southernmost region of the country of Portugal, Faro Its the administrative centre of this region and one of the most popular and important cities in Portugal. With an airport that brings more than 5 million tourists every summer. However, Algarve is not only Faro; there is a lot more to discover and enjoy far away from the crowd and the city’s busy environment.

People from Algarve claim to have one of the best beaches in the world, where all water sports are offered and historical caves and dauphins that can surprise you while sailing or windsurfing. The Atlantic Ocean coming from the South, and the Mediterranean Sea coming from the East, definitely gives a unique touch to this region.

Algarve secret beaches, Portugal

Algarve is also a place for nature seekers since this little. Still, the rich region has more than seven protected Natural Parks and National Reserves, where you can appreciate the power of the unspoiled nature.

The main economic income to the area is the tourism industry, which gets increased in the summer season. Nevertheless, this region could be visited any time of the year, since it has one of the best climates even when it gets freezing in Europe.

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Portugal Tourism – Algarve

Colourful towns such as Tavira, which is popular for Its unspoiled architecture and old history, makes Algarve give a good example to other countries in how important it is to protect what history and nature have left. Amazing beaches, delicious gastronomy, golf courses, natural parks and an unlimited amount of activities definitely make this region a perfect place for holidays or at least it should be visited once in life.

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