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An inspirational Travel Guide to Cuba

An inspirational Travel Guide to Cuba

The Must-See in Cuba

Cuba is the largest of the Caribbean islands located in the northern Caribbean, where the Gulf of Mexico meets the Atlantic Ocean. Known for its stagnation over the last six decades, It has a mismatch of restored colonial buildings among the regular Cuban houses. Its Spanish culture, Salsa rhythm, and cocktails make it an enthralling experience unlike any other. After the 1959 revolution, it seems like the clock has stopped in Cuba. While travelling, you will find classic American cars, vintage radios, refrigerators, and old neon signs hanging over the storefronts. It has some of the most lively people you’ll ever meet anywhere.

From Cuban cuisine to the breathtaking beaches and turquoise water of Holguin, there’s plenty to discover when you visit Cuba.

Cuba Vacation Travel Guide


Although Cuban cities are delightful, the greatest allure of Cuba is its beaches. Nothing can beat those Caribbean beaches and Rum cocktails. One of the primary reasons why Cuban beaches are famous is that they are uncrowded and filled with tropical beauty. You can have a delightful sunbathing experience at Varadero’s white beaches. You can connect with pristine nature and wildlife at the beaches of Peninsula de Guanahacabibes that are famous nesting grounds for turtles. If white-sand beaches are not your thing, you can visit the Isla de la Juventud, a remote black-sand beaches where pirates used to roam once. There are many nudist beaches also that you can explore. If you are a fan of water sports, there are tons of activities you’ll find to do in Cuba.


Bathed in vintage, Cuban cities are an experience in itself. Socialist at heart, you can still find roadside billboards on socialism from the 1959 revolution. Cuba is incomplete with mentioning Havana. Visit Havana and discover the historic downtown. Here you can explore different cigar-making factories and visit the residence of Ernest Hemingway. It’s only in Cuba that you can take a city tour in classic American cars. The festive streets of Santiago de Cuba during carnival season are a thing to watch. Santiago de Cuba is a melting pot of Afro-Caribbean culture where rusty buildings meet grand cathedral. Cuba is known for its live music scene. It’s one of the most musically diverse countries globally, where guitars still outnumber music players.

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Havana is the centre of Cuban cuisine. House-based restaurants (Paladars) are a thing here where you can taste authentic Cuban food. You can sip on a Daiquiri at Havana’s Floridita, the birthplace of the drink. If you are a lover of seafood, you’ll find plenty here. Cuba is known for its street food and drinks. Street food is freshly made and can be found on every corner. Check out the local snacks, Tamales and corn fritters. In Havana, you can enjoy a coffee or mojito uniquely and especially sitting alongside talented musicians in a dusty antique set up around beaches.

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