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Ankara, a Paradise of Culture

Ankara, a Paradise of Culture

The Must-Visit Places in Ankara.

Shopping and thrilling activities are not the only ways to enjoy a vacation. Sometimes, intellectual stimulation is preferable for a more meaningful holiday.

The metropolitan capital of Turkey, Ankara, is home to rich culture and art. The city includes around 50 museums, many music orchestras, theatres and opera houses. For history enthusiasts, Ankara is the site for ancient architecture. The city landscape bears the remains from Roman, Ottoman, Byzantine and many more civilisations. 

To wash down all the fascinating knowledge, munch on Ankara’s delicious Turkish cuisines. Then, let’s dive deeper into the reasons why you should spend your vacation here.

15 Best Places to Visit in Ankara – Travel Video

Rich History and Culture

Ankara has many relics from the past. One of the most popular places to visit here is Ankara Castle. It was built during the Ottoman regime and stood on 42 pentagonal towers. You get a fantastic view from the top of the castle.

Many museums in Ankara hold ancient treasures. Anıtkabir is a very famous museum to visit. Its magnificent architecture is divided into various parts. There’s a lot to see here, from the Ceremonial Plaza to the tomb of Ataturk.

Another historical destination is the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations. The museum is the perfect introduction to the ancient history of Turkey. It exhibits Anatolian archaeology from the Palaeolithic era to modern times.

Dance, Music and Theatre

The Ankara State Opera is the centre of performing arts in the city. It showcases a variety of programs ranging from modern theatre productions to traditional ballet. The theatre is the thriving centre for Turkish State Ballet, Turkish State Theatre and Turkish State Opera companies.

Apart from hosting events by national and state companies, the theatre also invites international performers. In addition, the Ankara State Opera is also a popular venue for local festivals. 

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Delicious Food and Shopping

Turkey is loaded with delicacies, especially seafood. Yelken Balık is one of the best seafood restaurants in Ankara. They specialise in Mediterranean cuisine. Their grilled fish is to die for.

For more traditional options, try İskender Kebap. It’s made from doner kebab topped with hot tomato sauce and served with a scoop of sheep’s milk yoghurt. If you want something sweet, then try the incomparable pastry dessert, Baklava. Hacıbaba serves the best Baklava in the area. Finally, for milk-based desserts, Zeynel is your stop. They serve a wide variety of tasty Turkish milk treats.

For the collectors of exotic items, a visit to the Hamamönü Neighborhood will be worthwhile. The area retains its old Ottoman architecture and has a great collection of traditional Turkish crafts. 

In Conclusion

Ankara is vibrant with history and art. You will enjoy walking down its picturesque streets and appreciate the architecture. All this while eating some delicious traditional food. 

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