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Discovering 3 of The World’s Greatest Airports

Discovering 3 of The World’s Greatest Airports

3 of the World’s Best Airports

Are you planning to embark on a luxury holiday with your loved ones? Going on a luxury vacation to a picturesque destination is a great way to break away from the ordinary. But before you book a flight for your next trip, you must choose a luxurious airport to ensure a fun-filled and convenient experience. Ideally, the airport you select must boast modern amenities as well as world-class entertainment facilities. Here are the 3 best airports in the world that promise a luxurious experience. 

Why Changi Airport In Singapore Is Best In The World

1. Changi Airport, Singapore

A favourite among travel enthusiasts, Changi Airport is one of the biggest transportation hubs in Asia. The airport was made accessible to the public in 1981, and it has been growing in popularity since then. Situated in the eastern end of Singapore, this international airport has 4 terminals. Since the interior design of the airport is a feast for the eyes, you can spend an entire day sightseeing without getting bored.

Home to plenty of luxury restaurants, Changi airport, offers hundreds of dining options to satiate your foodie cravings. Also, be prepared for a thrilling shopping experience as this airport features more than 400 stores. It also houses a charming garden, theatre and entertainment deck. Changi Airport continuously strives to raise its standards with creative solutions to facilitate convenience and provide people with a memorable air travel experience.

2. Tokyo Haneda Airport, Japan

Tokyo Haneda Airport was opened in 1931, and it comprises 3 terminals. The airport features a large selection of art shops, bookstores and boutiques that you can explore on your layover. Given that Japan is a foodie wonderland, the restaurants in this airport serve sushi to Soba. Some eateries within the airport also serve European and Italian dishes that can kindle the foodie within you.  

The nicest thing is that the airport lounges are pretty cosy and luxurious. Tokyo Haneda Airport also houses the Discovery Museum, where you can enjoy art exhibits and dive into the rich history of Japan. 

3. Munich Airport, Germany

If you are in a festive mood and want to have some real fun, Munich Airport can surely stand up to your expectations. 

Opened in May 1992, this airport attracts millions of holidaymakers from around the world each year. The airport boasts an incredibly festive atmosphere that can uplift your mood in the blink of an eye. Above all, there are as many as 60 restaurants and bistros at Munich Airport.

You can take your pick from a wide range of cuisines and give your taste buds the best treat ever. The airport also boasts souvenir shops and technology stores to cater to shopping enthusiasts. There is also a visitor’s park that houses interactive exhibits and a historical aircraft bound to grab your attention.

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