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Discovering Extreme Water Experiences

Discovering Extreme Water Experiences

5 Of The Most Extreme Water Experiences in The World.

Some people like to spend a relaxing day on the beach or swim in a calm sea or a river, and some use the sea as places to practice extreme water sports and activities.

The water, the air, the land and the offer of these -for fear- a combination of emotion and danger through extreme activities. Whether it is a river, a lake or an ocean, you can expect to find these bodies of water full of adventure and adrenaline.


Surreal Wakeboarding In The Most Unexpected Locations | Best Of Red Bull

Wakeboarding is a sport that involves being towed behind a motorboat at high speed while your feet are tied to a wakeboard (like a snowboard). If you like adrenaline, you can enjoy the combination of speed and tricks like big air jumps and flips that you can do in this sport.


World’s Highest Commercially Rafted Waterfall

If you are an adrenaline seeker, grab your paddles, get ready for one of the most exciting adventures, and cross an annoying river full of rocks and crossing currents. No matter what experience you have in this sport, the unpredictable nature of the water makes this sport dangerous – one more reason to love it.


Facing The World’s Deadliest Wave

This is one of the most challenging water sports since it requires many years of training and excellent physical strength. However, once you have achieved enough to surf some of the big waves, you get more adrenaline and want more and more without considering all the risks. Even the most prominent surfers can be destroyed, hit by a hard drop, not to mention the sharks, jellyfish, and lightning that often roam the waters – don’t let any of this stop you from riding your big first wave.

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Cavern Diving

Bird Cage Cave Dive

To do this activity, you must use scuba gear, often in specialized settings. Its dangerous side is that a diver cannot swim vertically to the surface in an emergency due to the cave’s roofs, which requires the diver to have enough breathing gas to make the journey. Additionally, caves often contain sand, mud, clay, silt, or other sediment that can further reduce underwater visibility in seconds, causing loss of lines and the way forward. Nevertheless, we are sure that you will love to dive into caves and find a new world completely underwater. 

Cage-Free Shark Diving

Cage Free Shark Dive with One Ocean Diving | Oahu, Hawaii

This is probably the most extreme water experience in the world. Add wild sharks for diving, and you will get the most extreme and full of adrenaline experience. In this activity, you are not only facing the risks associated with diving, but you are also adding the most famous sea predator. Cage-free shark diving is certainly not for the faint of heart. Even though some dive centres offer this experience using a steel cage between you and the sharp teeth, that doesn’t make this activity any less fascinating. But if you really want to push your luck, some dive centres in South Africa and the Bahamas have cage-free shark diving. It is for sure that you are part of the people without fear and that you will try this as soon as possible, right?

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