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Discovering Manama, The Jewel of The Arabian Gulf

Discovering Manama, The Jewel of The Arabian Gulf

Galleries and Museums

The capital of Bahrain, Manama, is a city of mesmerising wonders. It is already established as a major trade centre in the Arabian Gulf. But for visitors, this Arab city also offers a rich culture, balanced between tradition and modern life. There are many fun activities to do here on vacation.

Bahrain has a rich extant culture. Famous museums and art galleries of Manama are proof of this.

Welcome to Bahrain, a land of warmth and wonders!

Bahrain National Museum

This is a sight to behold. Spanning more than 27,000 square meters, this museum holds over 5,000 years of Bahraini history. Its whopping $30 million complex houses rare archaeological artefacts from the Dilmun civilisation. The museum also has ancient manuscripts from the Quran and astronomical documents. In addition, it has the Durand Stone on display, hailing from the Babylonian era.

Bahrain Castle

This UNESCO-recognized World Heritage Site stands on a dusty desert hill. But it is surrounded by the beautiful sea and greenery. The museum exhibits 6th century Portuguese stone structures. It is a great place to visit for history aficionados. 

La Fontaine Centre of Contemporary Art                    

This 150-years old monument resembles a European structure. But it still has its Islamic architecture roots intact. Moreover, it is in the heart of Manama. This centre hosts contemporary art galleries, a spa, a fine-dining restaurant and even a dance studio.

Janabiya Royal Camel Farm

This camel sanctuary is on the outskirts of Manama. It houses over 600 free-range camels in their natural habitat. A trip to this camel farm offers a nice break away from the city.

Adventure and Recreation

Apart from sightseeing, Manama has many fun activities to engage in.

Coral Bay

For water sport enthusiasts, Manama offers a variety of thrills. At Coral Bay, you can jet ski, take boat tours, ride banana boats, and dive. Then, explore a new Manama under the water. You will explore colourful collar reefs, vibrant fishes and even sunken shipwrecks.

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Wahoo! Water Park

Water parks are great fun. This 15,000 square feet (ca. 1,394 m²) park, located inside City Center Bahrain, is no exception. You are guaranteed an entire day’s worth of amusement. Some attractions include a wave pool, a slow-moving river and heated pools, along with numerous slides.

Gold City

All that glitters is not gold. But this mall in central Manama begs to differ. Gold City is a massive mall with unending stores of jewellery. Your eyes will be dazzled by gleaming gold and sparkling diamonds. They have ornaments made from all luxurious elements like silver, platinum and pearls.    

Located in the Arabian Gulf, the Kingdom of Bahrain is an archipelago of 33 islands, the only island nation in the Middle East.

In Conclusion

In 2012, Manama was voted as the cultural capital of Arabs. The city is perfectly balanced between regal traditions and a modern sense of fun. You have many activities to enjoy here on vacation. Come and experience the luxury yourself.

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