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Discovering Rabat, The Beautiful Capital Of Morocco

Discovering Rabat, The Beautiful Capital Of Morocco

Discovering Rabat, The Beautiful Capital Of Morocco

Although Rabat is less popular than Casablanca, Rabat is actually the capital city of Morocco and it deserves a visit. The name of the city is Arabic for ‘place of peace.’ It is also referred to as the Garden City because of its abundance of greenery. Rabat is also well known as a city with many international influences. It has many museums, art galleries, and theatres.

Brief History Of Rabat

The city of Rabat is located on the coast and has many gardens, fountains, and trees. It is also home to the royal palace. Outside the royal palace lies the Kasbah Aït Bourgherk. This kasbah is one of the oldest in North Africa and dates back to the 12th century. Many Moroccans and foreigners visit this site each year to experience its history and architecture. Outside the kasbah lies an outdoor market where vendors sell locally grown produce.
The Medina of Rabat is one of the oldest cities in North Africa. Indeed, it is one of the oldest cities in all of Morocco. Arab traders initially built this area in the 9th century. Over time, they transformed it into a thriving trade center with an array of shops and meeting places known as inns. The planners eventually converted this into a perfect urban layout, with wide streets and squares still recognizable today.

Ancient And Modern Cultural Sites

Besides its historical significance, Rabat is also home to many International Schools. The city hosts many diplomatic conferences each year, which leads to many foreign schools bringing their students here for education opportunities. Additionally, it hosts an International Film Festival every year that draws filmmakers from all over the world. The festivals draw participants worldwide and promote international harmony between nations.
Overall, Rabat is ideal for experiencing Morocco’s rich history and culture in contemporary times. The Medina provides an opportunity for visitors to experience ancient Moroccan culture while also experiencing modern Rabat through interactions with students from around the world.

A City To Be Discovered

The capital city is beautiful no matter how you decide to experience it; however, it’s quieter and less crowded than other parts of the country. The countryside has many natural resources and historical sites to explore; however, many people choose to travel there during quieter times of the year rather than during peak seasons.
Although most visitors focus on Rabat’s old city, the new city is also worth exploring. Rabat has many modern buildings and wide avenues. It’s also home to a large military base and several government offices. During the day, you can see soldiers marching through town and at night you can hear noises coming from inside the buildings.

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