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Exceptional Tenerife Travel Guide

Exceptional Tenerife Travel Guide

Discovering Tenerife

The magnificent Tenerife attracts the rich and famous (or not so favourite) traveller among the eight Canary Islands. A Spanish archipelago situated in the Atlantic Ocean opposite the northwest coast of Africa, Tenerife is a paradise for the wealthy. Described as ‘touristy’, it attracts upwards of millions of visitors annually. Sun, beaches and mountains are the main reasons people visit this wonderful place. So if you say you’ve been to Tenerife (an island on everyone’s wish list), you’re thought of as having had the privilege of being at one of the most magical holiday spots on earth. Here’s a handy guide to take you there and know why and where of the ideal vacation.

The island of Tenerife in Canary Islands hides many magical gems you can never imagine it had.

Why Go to Tenerife?

The assets that Tenerife has to offer are plenty. For a photography enthusiast, it’s a virtual paradise of the most glorious landscapes. Variety abounds from the most majestic mountains to the endless white-sand coastlines. Whether you stay in the best resorts like the Sheraton La Caleta or dine at any one of the Michelin Star restaurants, like M.B. at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, you will have an unforgettable trip. The prestige of the island rests in its grand residences and its resplendent natural beauty. The first thing to see is the most famous volcano of the Canary Islands, Mount Teide. This distinction is the highest point in Spain and the most visited natural wonder in the nation. The nature park enveloping it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Best Time to Go

Tenerife – a beautiful island of eternal spring.

Highly esteemed for its picturesque qualities, the weather is nice all year long.

A sub-tropical paradise blessed with pleasant weather throughout the year, you can spontaneously plan your visit whenever the fancy takes you. Of course, winters are pleasant, while summers are hot, but with most luxury resorts having private beaches, you can hop into air-conditioned suites anytime. For instance, the Ritz-Carlton Abama and the Iberostar Grand offer deluxe accommodation and spa facilities to indulge yourself completely.

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You can travel in luxury as you want to, either by flying to any of Spain’s International Airports and book a chartered flight to Tenerife or charter your whole journey. Flights fly directly to any of two international airports, Tenerife Norte and Tenerife Sur. From there, you can book a luxury yacht that affords the privilege of basking in the scenery as you reach the island your hotel is located at. When cost is no object, feel free to book charters across islands too. Avoid crowds if you want an exclusive hideaway in January or February. October is a wet month, and July and August are the most crowded. Stay at Tenerife for at least a week, and more if you please. There are lots to see and do, including sampling local food and just relaxing with a superb spa experience.

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