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Five Must-Visit Paradise Islands in Greece

Five Must-Visit Paradise Islands in Greece

Top Five Greek Islands.

The call of the ancient shores of Greece is a hard one to ignore. White washed walls skirting emerald blue waters, ancient cities, enchanted forests, fantastic beaches and landscapes- there’s not much left to be desired on a vacation to Greece. Add to that the incredible cuisine served with a side of the world-famous Greek hospitality, you might decide never to leave. 

As you explore the cradle of western civilization, step away from the formulaic excursions and visit these five paradise islands.    

1.     CORFU

Set on the Ionian Sea, the island city of Corfu is close to Italy and Albania. Unlike the whitewashed buildings of the rest of Greece, the buildings here are almost Venetian. Make your way through a city skirted with lush green verdure, and walls creeping with bright bougainvillea flowers. The romantic and charming town also is well known for its underwater caves, vibrant reefs, and secret shipwrecks. If spending time in antique underwater recesses is not your cup of tea, check out the forts and monasteries. Some of these structures date back not only to the Byzantine Empire but even earlier. There are also various footpaths that you can explore and might lead you to deserted castles, sheltered beaches, spirited villages, or more. Choose your own adventure on this island named after the child of Poseidon and Korkyra.

2.     RHODES

Also known as the Island of Helios, Rhodes is an archeological wonder. Step into the past, as you explore the best-preserved medieval cities in the world. The Turkish and Ottoman influences can be seen everywhere, especially in the wooden architecture.

This is also the city that held the renowned Colossos of Rhodes. It was one of the classical wonders of the world and eventually, the model for the Statue of Liberty.

<strong><sup><span class=has inline color has thb accent color>View of an Orthodox church in Siana Rhodes<span><sup><strong>

3.     MILOS

The topography of Milos is filled with volcanic minerals, lending it incredible hues. Named the island of colors, this Island is a must-visit if you like looking out to cool turquoise waters edged with dreamlike orange and white cliffs. The blue accented whitewashed island once served as a getaway for pirates. Today, it is the getaway for the rich and famous. This incredible paradise has also been voted into the top 10 islands in Europe.

Milos is one of the most beautiful island in Greece where you can enjoy your summer vacation.


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The soft, fine white sands of Zakynthos are home to the endangered species of turtles called Caretta-Caretta. It’s beaches are also well known for the nightlife. The emerald green waters of the island skirt some world-famous spots including the shipwreck beach and the blue caves. Drift over the cerulean waters that reflect their color onto the natural and millennia old caves. 

Incredibly, Zakynthos is also the spot where the first ever Olympic Games were held. Step into history as you take a spin around the very first Olympic Village in history. 


White beaches are fairly famous around the world as a gold standard in ocean side vacations. However, Elafonisi, an island off the island of Crete has something better: Pink beaches. The island is a protected natural reserve, its rosy dunes, green hills unsullied by tourism. The island is also one of the most secluded in this part of the world. Its secluded coves are an absolute delight, especially considering that Greece is one of the most visited countries in the world.

Elafonisi, an island off the island of Crete in Greece
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