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Five of The Best Beaches in Spain

Five of The Best Beaches in Spain

Spain is a prosperous country when it comes to nature, mountains, landscapes and beaches. It also has some of the most beautiful islands in the world. A privileged country with access to the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean gives this country a large coastline to enjoy. Each coastline has a proper name depends on the type of sand, water temperature and surroundings. We can name the Costa del Sol, the Costa Blanca, or the Costa Brava, to mention a few of them.

Discover five of the best beaches in Spain

Playa de Gulpiyuri

Nature’s Amazing Wonders-Beach in a Meadow-World’s Smallest Beach

This natural landmark has no visible connection to the sea, which means it is an inland beach with no direct exit. Playa de Gulpiyuri is about 40 meters long, only with white and clean sand. Salty water from the Cantabrian Sea seeps under the cliffs to refill this unique little beach. It registers a phenomenon called drainage when the low tide begins, and It is listed as one of the country’s Natural Landmarks. Gulpiyuri does not offer any services, and you can only access it via a farm path; however, once you reach it, the fantastic little beach welcomes you with its beauty and letting you know that you are now at the smallest beach in the world.

Playa de Bolonia

Bolonia (Cadiz) Beach in Spain.

La playa de Bolonia is a wild beach located in the municipality of Tarifa, approximately 15 minutes by car from this town. This Mediterranian beach has a length of 3800 meters and an average width of 70 meters. It is a virgin beach, one of the few found in the country’s south. This beach has a fairly famous dune, and it is one of the attractions of this beach, the Bolonia dune, a natural landmark declared in 2001 and of great ecological importance. Apart from that, it is also a magnificent landscape with fine white sand and crystal clear water.

Playa de GÜI GÜI

Gran Canaria, Spain, Hiking Trip To Wild Guigui Beach.

Have you ever seen or been to a black sand beach before? Whether you’ve been or not, if you are in Gran Canaria, then visiting this beach is a must for anyone who is moderately fit. It is recommended for fit people because there is a hike to this beach of approximately 3 hours; however, it is a lovely walk with a friendly and surprising ending. This volcanic black sandy beach of the Atlantic Ocean is a unique place. GÜI GÜI is unlike anything else!

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Platja de Muro or Playa de Muro

Best beaches of Mallorca, Spain

When you first arrive at this beach, you will forget about being in Europe. As stunning as the Caribbean islands or The Maldives with the only difference in Europe and a country with many other exciting things and experiences to offer to its visitors. Located in Mallorca, Muro beach is one of the longest beaches of the Balearic Islands, With a length of 5.2 km. Clear crystal water, fine golden sand, small waves, and just a little depth make it the perfect beach to spend a relaxing time and the perfect holidays. Muro beach offers services such as hotels, bars, restaurants and few shops nearby, however, there is one area of this long beach called Comú, and it is a natural area for particular interest that is protected and unspoiled.

Ses illetes or Playa illetes

Best beaches Formentera, Spain

Last but not least, this fairyland has been declared a lot of times as one of the most beautiful and paradisiacal beaches in the world. It is Formentera’s most symbolic beach. The turquoise waters and the fine white sands give this place the features of a breathtaking landscape with more than 450 metres of beach. Even though it seems to be in the middle of nowhere, this spectacular place with protected dunes and a natural park provides access to walkways and services such as restaurants that could be found along its coasts.

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