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Five Paradise Islands to Visit Once in Life

Five Paradise Islands to Visit Once in Life

The world has too many islands that we can’t even count. Islands inhabited and uninhabited with amazing sandy beaches, and some with breathtaking mountains and active volcanos. Other islands are big that you don’t even feel you are on an island, and some can’t be visited because they are located in the most remote places on earth. However, some islands are worth visiting and travelling to, at least once in life.

Formentera, Spain

Formentera is a Spanish island located in the Mediterranean Sea. It is the smallest island of The Balearic Islands, and you can get to Formentera only by Ferry or a boat from its famous neighbour island, Ibiza. Formentera is also called The Jewel Of The Mediterranean or The Caribbean Island Of The Mediterranean, as you will never feel that you are in Europe. If you see pictures of Formentera, you can’t guess that it is Spain or Europe. Its turquoise water, flamingos on the beach, and white sand make Formentera a piece of paradise in the Mediterranean Sea.

Formentera Island, Spain

Hydra, Greece

Hydra or Ydra is a small and curious Greek island located in the Aegean Sea. Many things make this island a unique destination. Hydra used to be, and it is still an island where no Engine vehicles are allowed; the only permitted vehicles are bikes and donkeys used for transportation purposes. There is no water supply in Hydra. The water is shipped from the neighbour islands or Athens. Hydra used to be an island for the rich Greek Marine Commanders that used to spend their holidays, and for this reasons, you will see lovely and impressive buildings. In Hydra, it was founded the second Pharmacy in the world after the first one in Spain, which was used to bring celebrities from all over the world to the island so they can buy their cosmetics. In Hydra, you will find some of the best beaches in Greece and a lot of unique history.

Hydra, The Most Authentic Greek Island

La Digue, Seychelles

It is one of the 115 islands belonging to the Republic of Seychelles in Africa. La Digue is where you can perhaps find the most beautiful, paradisiacal and photographed beach in the world, The Anse Source D’Argent beach, a white sand beach, crystal clear turquoise waters, and with beautiful granite stones that seem sculptured by artists and surrounded by beautiful coconut and vanilla plantations.

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Seychelles, La Digue – The Best Beaches in The World

Aruba, Netherland

Aruba is a small island in the Caribbean Sea that belongs to the Kingdom of the Netherland. Aruba is known for its glorious beaches of fine white sand and its all-inclusive luxury resorts. One of the main attractions of the island is the capital city. Oranjestad is full of pastel-coloured facades, monuments and shops that make you feel you are in Europe.

Aruba’s 7 Best Spots

Moorea, French Polynesia

Moorea is one of the volcanic islands of French Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean. Moorea is covered in lush vegetation composed of coconut palms, pineapples plantations and palms. This Island is characterised by its tranquillity, its exquisite pineapples, its splendid white beaches and the variety of its corals and underwater creatures, as well as its luxurious surroundings.

Moorea, French Polynesia
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