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Five Reasons to Visit Moldova

Five Reasons to Visit Moldova

Moldova Travel Guide

Moldova is a tiny land-locked nation wedged between Romania and Ukraine. This small nation is known for its unspoiled countryside and superb wine tours. With vast fields of sunflowers and friendly people everywhere, Moldova is Europe’s least explored country. Yet, with a rich history, many monasteries, and beautiful trails through the ancient forests, this is a country well worth exploring. Although accommodations are limited in Moldova but lately, rural and city homestays are on the rise. The food here comes with a significant hearty portion, and culinary is influenced by Russia and Turkey. Its best-selling point is that it’s least known in Europe. And in some places, it feels like a fragment of old Europe.

10 Best Places to Visit In Moldova


The capital city of Moldova is the place to start your adventure. It is the gateway to the country. Here, you’ll find both traditional and soviet culture. It has many museums that you can explore. According to many accounts, it has a fun and exciting nightlife worth checking out. This is a 600 years old city that was destroyed during WWII. Most of it that you see today is built by the Soviet Union. You can effectively explore the city within a day.


Moldovan wine is some of the purest in the world. Moldova has a rich history of making wine and has tons of vineyards to explore. Balti, Chodru, Pulcari, and Cahul are the four central wine-producing regions of Moldova. In addition,youu can visit Circova, the underground wine kingdom. It is one of the most extensive wine cellars in Europe, with the walls of limestone tunnels extending several kilometres lined with wine bottles.


It is one of the most picturesque villages in Moldova. Located in the northern part of the country, it’s an excellent place for adventure seekers. There are huge mountains and dense forests with hiking trails, viewpoints, and caves for you to explore.

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Transnistrian Republic

It is one of the strangest places in Moldova. It is a self-declared republic located on a narrow strip of land on the bank of the Dniestr river. With a population of almost 500,000, it has its flag, its president, and its currency. It wholly embraces its soviet heritage and culture. While in Transnistrian, you can visit Tiraspol. It is the largest city in the Transnistrian republic located on the eastern bank of the Nistru river. You can find lots of Soviet monuments here.


Visit Orheiul Vechi, a beautiful archaeological complex located some 60kms from Chisinau. It is known for its cave monastery, which is still used by monks who also maintain the archaeological site. Another great place that you can visit is the Tipova cave monastery located on the bank of the Dniestr river. The sanctuary is built into a cliff some 200 m above the plain of the river.

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