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Five Things to Know before Travelling to Lisbon

Five Things to Know before Travelling to Lisbon

An Essential Travel Guide to Lisbon.

Lisbon is a great place as it gives you numerous aspects compared to the rest of the European cities when it is the case of city break destinations. Just as visiting any place, it is always ideal to have some information about the place you are heading to. This case makes your trip a lot easier and more manageable. 

Lisbon comes with no exception as well. The city is full of things that you can do and places that you can see and, very importantly, valuable and different cultural points that you will always remember and enjoy.

Here is an essential travel guide to help you know what to expect in Lisbon so that you can fully enjoy your trip to this great city. 

1. Know the best time of the year to visit Lisbon:

Portugal’s climate is highly renowned in Europe and worldwide to be temperate and mild, gifted with a generous amount of sun only throughout the year. However, is also best to remember that Lisbon has different seasons too. 

Spring is fresher and milder, mostly sunny, with only occasional shower spells. Summer is glorious, dry, and hot, but not as hot as there are always the Atlantic breezes drifting into the city. Autumn is highly mild and ideal for visiting Lisbon if you prefer less heat. 

Winter is typically colder but not as colder as in other European cities, concentrated along with some of the wettest days of the year. Hence, it would help to travel to this place with these season considerations in mind. 

2. Avoid getting your car to Lisbon:

If you are coming to Lisbon by plane, the chances are that you will not need a car as this city is highly walkable. The public transport here is reliable and so easy and fun to use. However, if you come to Lisbon by car or are thinking of renting a car, you should probably consider a few things. 

You will have to have more headaches in the charming Lisbon traffic and spend a lot of time finding a parking space. It is almost impossible to park over the streets in the centre of Lisbon. These are being allocated to the residents, leaving you with only the options of parking lots, or at your hotel. One of the greatest charms of Lisbon is actually taking its public transport!

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3. Bring comfortable shoes:

Lisbon is a city with seven hills, meaning to you. It means that you will require to be kind to your feet. Forget bringing the heals or your shiny boots. Wear the comfortable shoes you need so you can enjoy all the long walks in this historical city. 

Lisbon is a highly beautiful place that offers you magnificent views but to have those views, and there are a few hilly terrain and stairs that you would climb over. Get ready for some cardio exercise!

4. Know the basics of Portuguese:

Portuguese people are among the warmest, most friendly, and most hospitable people out there, and many people speak English as interaction with visitors. But speaking some of the basic words of Portuguese may certainly boost your interaction and win respect with locals. As soon as you try to speak some Portuguese with the locals, you won’t be a tourist anymore, but instead, you will be considered a local as they are!

<strong><sup>Famous arch at the Praca do Comercio Lisbon Portugal<sup><strong>

5. Be aware of the pickpockets in public areas:

Like many touristy places and big capital cities, it is often unfortunate that such incidents might happen, and Lisbon isn’t of any exception even though Lisbon is considered to be one of Europe’s safest cities. It is very common in crowded areas such as public transport, trams, and tourist spots with heavy traffic. 

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