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Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca, Luxury & Legendary Hospitality

Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca, Luxury & Legendary Hospitality

Luxury Stays in Four Seasons, Casablanca

Four Seasons Casablanca, with its exquisite retreat commanding the Atlantic coastline and just 10 minutes away from the excitement and legacy of the White City, provides a luxurious and quiet getaway. Guests are encouraged to unwind in the 186 luxurious rooms, which perfectly reflect the combination of heritage and modernity. These residences are examples of sand-colored architecture that has been tastefully adorned to produce a traditional Moroccan ambiance. Your well-being is a primary concern here, with a pool area, spa, and exercise center.

Your stay at Four Seasons Casablanca will be a joyful and enjoyable experience. Their rooms are made in a way that makes sure you are not uncomfortable even once. Everything you need for a memorable stay will be right in front of you the moment you wish. Let’s have a look at what their stunning rooms and suites have to offer. 

Imperial Ocean View Suite

The Imperial Ocean View Suite is perfect if you are planning a quick getaway with family and friends. Every corner of the room basks in natural light as you watch through the floor-to-ceiling windows; you can relax and unwind here with your complimentary mini-bar, keeping all your worries at bay. For 2 or 3 people, the Imperial Ocean View Suite is the best you can get. 

Four Seasons Deluxe Suite

If you are looking for something special on your next vacation, stay at the Deluxe Suite in Four Seasons, Casablanca. You will see the best of architecture and art merging here. From unique art pieces to bold textile accents, you will get it all here. The color palette is a beautiful combination of beige and dark wood. With distinct living and sleeping spaces, you can have a different experience every hour of the day. 

Premier Suite

Your visit to the White City should be grand. For a suite that complements the city’s grandeur, choose the Premier Suite for your next stay. For the most luxurious experience, the Premier Suite gives you all that you can think of. You get a beautiful outdoor balcony and a furnished outdoor lounge. If you prefer grandeur with comfort, the Premier Suite is your best bet. 

Premier Room

The Premier Room gives you a complete experience of Moroccan art and aesthetics. The color palette takes the local hues as their inspiration. With a private bar, you have everything you need to unwind and relax. 

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Grand Premier Ocean View Suite

We saved the best for the last. The Grand Premier Ocean View Suite is the best that Four Seasons has to offer. You can wake up and walk to your private balcony that opens from the floor-to-ceiling windows. Get a full view of the serene ocean as the gentle breeze hits your face and takes you to another world. 

Plan Your Next Morocco Vacation

The Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca has been an excellent premium location in Morocco’s White City for more than five years, after opening on November 11, 2015. The Hotel has the city’s most prominent luxury rooms and suites, all with huge balconies and a modern Moroccan style aesthetic. For both professional and pleasure travelers, the Four Seasons is probably the best option in Morocco. Fresh coastal views, expansive vistas, and a luxury environment have made Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca one of the Best Luxury Resorts in Northern Africa. 

Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca

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