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France’s Best Beaches to Discover

France’s Best Beaches to Discover

Top 3 Beaches in France.

Most travellers planning a vacation in France tend to overlook the beautiful beaches that the country offers. While a visit to Paris is a must, do not miss enjoying the stunning beaches adorning the French coast. 

Don’t know what beaches to select? We’ve got you covered. Check out the top 3 beaches perfect for your next French trip. 

1. Paloma Beach, Paca

Luxury, celebrities, wine, yacht, and water activities- Paloma Beach has it all!

Set in the beautiful scenery of the Cap Ferrat Peninsula, Paloma Beach sparkles like a jewel among the beaches present on the French Riviera. Although the beach is a bit pebbly, the water is clear and perfect for swimming. It is also an ideal ground for snorkelers to practice their art. Apart from swimming and snorkelling, you can also enjoy various water sports like water skiing and wakeboarding. 

Most of Paloma beach is occupied by a private restaurant that provides fantastic dining and drinking options. Because of its stunning views and lively vibe, Paloma Beach is a favourite among celebrities and elites from all over the world. So, don’t be surprised to find one as you sink in the scenic views while sipping Côte de Provence Rosé.

Another feature of this beach is that it remains open all year round, and all the beach clubs offer valet parking. Since most guests arrive here via yacht, Paloma Beach has numerous services to assist the tourists in collecting and dropping them from their yachts. 

2.Deauville Beach, Normandy

Synonymous with glamour and elegance, Deauville Beach in Normandy is among the famous beaches in France. Decorated with colourful umbrellas, Deauville offers several water activities to its visitors. Apart from enjoying the beach, tourists can hang out at the casino, chic restaurants, galleries, world-class hotels, and golf courses. 

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One is also bound to find beach cabins named after several famous actors and directors. It highlights the fact that the resort has hosted some notable star-studded events. Some are the American Film Festival, the jazz festival, and the Asian Film Festival.

3.Pampelonne Beach, St. Tropez

From Jay-Z to Beyoncé, St. Tropez has hosted all the big Hollywood celebrities for years. Once a small fishing village, St. Tropez is today a popular hotspot among the elite. You would find more luxury yachts adorning its coast than small fishing boats. The most famous beach in St. Tropez is the Pampelonne beach which is unique because of its pristine natural setting. While enjoying the clear waters of the beach, you can shop from top brands, explore the rich cultural heritage of the town, hit the nightclubs, and relax in the luxurious villas.

These are some of the most stunning beaches France has in store for you. Make sure to include them on your bucket list! 

Top 15 Best Beaches In France
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