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Guatemala, a Culture too Unique to Be True

Guatemala, a Culture too Unique to Be True

Guatemala Travel Guide.

Guatemala is a Central American country and known worldwide as “The Home of Mayans. Located in the mountainous terrain of Central American landmass, Guatemala was once home to a mysterious civilization called “The Mayans.” Today, Guatemala is a very diverse and intricate mix of many races, cultures, and abundant natural beauty. Guatemala is replete with ancient ruins, lakes, highlands, volcanoes, and a culture developed by an intriguing mix of European and Local elements.

Places to Visit in Guatemala

The ancient culture of Mayans continues to thrive in the form of the local traditions and rituals. The locals have inherited a rich legacy and strive to protect their identity. As a result, Guatemala offers to its visitors a slice of cultural explorations that is difficult to be experienced elsewhere. A sophisticated, unique, and rich culture enough to get the tile of a “Civilization.”

National Museum at the Capital

The national museum of archaeology and ethnology is among the best-maintained museums in the world. It is home to over 20,000 relics and artifacts that give a glimpse of the country’s rich past.

The Ruins at Tikal

Located deep in the rainforests of Guatemala, the ancient ruins of Tikal are a treasure of history dating back as far back as the fourth century B.C. The complex has around 3000 structures nestled deep in the forest. It is an incredible place of interest, attracting tourists and historians from the world over. Of course, you must have seen those pictures of the ancient Pyramids of Central America. The historical and aesthetic appeal has been the backdrop of many movies and even Ducktales, the classic Disney Cartoon.

Yaxha, Quirigua & El MIrador Ruins

Yaxha and Quirigua are not as popular as Tikal ruin. These incredible places do not have those “Tourist-type” vibes. Instead, there are exciting hieroglyphs for you to admire.

El Mirador is another site of interest. Located near the Mexican border, this ancient site was inaccessible until recently. The Pyramids that you will see here compare with those in Egypt in size and grandeur. 

Antigua City 

Antigua City (Not to be confused with Antigua, the country) is a Unesco World Heritage Site. The City is home to many colonial buildings and is a rich showcase of its Spanish heritage. The City, once the most significant Capital between Lima, Peru, and Mexico City, sits at the base of Volcanoes. Antigua is also known by the epithet “Vocalo of Water.” The grandeur of its colonial building bears testimony to its rich past. In addition, Antigua has many luxury hotels and restaurants.

The cobble-stoned streets, its substantial central plaza, and Imposing architecture make it a rival of European cities of the medieval period. However, it is much more than just beauty. It is a living link to a rich past and is rightly designated as a World Heritage Site.

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European Style Churches & Ancient Mayan Temples

What travelers find most beautiful and even intriguing is how the Catholic Churches stand in the backdrop of ancient ruins and temples. Guatemala is a melting pot of civilizations and not merely cultures. The country has a unique culture that metamorphosed from the mixture of two entirely different civilizations. It is something to feel and experience.

Diverse Nature of Volcanoes, Garangutan Lakes and Black Sand Beaches

Guatemala has tall active volcanoes oozing lava, beautiful lakes, and hot springs that are commonly found all over the country. It also has beaches with black sand of volcanic origin. As a result, the country’s landscape is never “consistent,” but it is consistently beautiful.

Guatemala also offers its visitors many adventure opportunities that include mountain trekking, surfing on the beaches on South Pacific coast, and Paragliding around Lake Atitlan. To summarize, Guatemala is a country of contrast where mystery remains mystery and cultures intermingled in exciting ways to evolve into a culture that is a treasure for the whole world.

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