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Here Are The Most Beautiful Places To See In Istanbul According To Locals

Here Are The Most Beautiful Places To See In Istanbul According To Locals

Istanbul bridges Asia and Europe. The city is known for its rich, complicated heritage. Istanbul has once been the capital city of Byzantine and Ottoman empires. The prestigious past of the city has left several iconic monuments to cherish.

Many tourists visit this charming city to indulge in luxury tour adventures. They also love to witness the city’s gorgeous landscape like the majestic city of Cappadocia, the Roman ruins of Ephesus, a castle called Pamukkale, and the ancient Constantinople, among others.

Apart from all these exciting destinations, tourists can see many other attractions in Istanbul. We have prepared a list of things to do and see on your upcoming trip to the city. So enjoy the privilege of exploring these places during your vacation.

Top 3 Places To See In Istanbul

1. The Hagia Sophia

Once a cathedral mosque, Hagia Sophia is currently a museum. Tourists also know it as the Church of Divine Wisdom or the Church of Holy Wisdom. The building is renowned for its dome-shaped structure. It is regarded as one of the most stunning shrines in the world. 

2. The Topkapi Palace 

Topkapi Palace is one of the city’s most fascinating museums. Many tourists who come to Turkey include this tourist attraction in their bucket list. It was earlier referred to as The New Palace. The palace has undergone several rounds of renovations from time to time. Today, it is a symbol of the city’s old century.

The palace has hundreds of secret chambers and rooms. However, all of them are not accessible for public viewing. The rooms that are open for public viewing boast a rich collection of antique weaponry, religious relics, armours, and manuscripts, among others.

3. The Blue Mosque

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Also referred to as The Blue Mosque, The Sultan Ahmet Mosque is a prominent tourist spot. Today, the mosque still conducts many ceremonies. Established during the rule of Ahmed I in the 17th century, the mosque is decorated with beautiful blue tiles. As it starts getting dark, the mosque reflects blue light all around it. The mosque is also a short walk from Hagia Sophia.

Istanbul, the capital city of Turkey, is an amazing place and is known for its plethora of tourist attractions. It is popular for its fascinating heritage and vibrant culture. The city draws people from different parts of the world for its magnificent destinations, exquisite food, remarkable art scene, and warm and hospitable people. Therefore, it is a matter of great prestige to visit this wonderful city.

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