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Here Are The Top 5 Things That Will Make You Love Malaga

Here Are The Top 5 Things That Will Make You Love Malaga

Here Are The Top 5 Things That Will Make You Love Malaga

Malaga in Spain is the heart of the Costa del Sol in the Andalusian region. This is an exotic travel destination for tourists to Spain. If you want to explore the beauty of Spain and do it luxuriously, then you can refer to this travel guide. This guide will tell you how to enjoy a great vacation in luxury at Malaga.

Things to Know about Malaga

Malaga is a city known for its great weather. It enjoys sunny days for nearly 300 days a year. The sixth most populous city in Spain is a popular destination for tourists. This is the city where the legendary Pablo Picasso was born. The city is home to many technology companies and is known for its business-friendly approach. Tourism plays an important part in the city’s economy, with nearly 6 million tourists visiting annually.

Top Things to Do In Malaga

Here is a list of some things you must do when visiting Malaga. Enjoy your luxurious holiday in exotic Malaga by visiting these places.

1) Visit the old city

The old city has plazas, attractive pavement cafés, and great architecture. Take a walk in the old city and enjoy the pristine beauty of this city. Street art is an attraction, as are the mosaic floors. Malaga has its own version of Fifth Avenue, which is Larios. This is the perfect destination if you want to shop for luxury products.

2) Enjoy the food

Experience the delectable local cuisine by visiting the markets in the city. This is where you will experience local food, and you can buy some of the world’s best olive oil. Visit the gourmet market Mercado Merced to buy delicious food products.

3) Visit the port area

The port area in the city is known as Quay 1. Apart from enjoying the cool breeze and the crystal-clear waters, there are plenty of other things to do here. Visit the Zoco monthly market to buy an assortment of products. Drop into the cocktail bars and restaurants to enjoy fine food. This is a great place for shopping in the city.

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4) Get a view of the city

A view of the city from one of the tallest buildings is something you must experience. The best way to do this is at a rooftop bar. Visit any of the rooftop bars and sip a drink of your choice while taking in the view of the city. Watch the city line with spires interspersed with roofs. Watch the waters where boats glide by. The Malaga Palacio hotel is strongly recommended to get the best view from its rooftop bar.

5) Visit the beaches

There are 15 different beaches in and around Malaga. Take your time exploring the various beaches. Enjoy the sun and sand as you spend a relaxing time. Watching the sunset on a beach is a great experience you should not miss. This is the perfect place for families to visit.

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