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Mallorca, a Superb Tourist Destination to Be Discovered

Mallorca, a Superb Tourist Destination to Be Discovered

Exotic Travel Guide to Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca is a superb tourist destination to plan your next trip or honeymoon. This place encapsulates the essence of Spain and provides great dining experience. Here is the exotic travel guide to make the most of your trip when you visit the Balearic Islands.

Reason to Visit Mallorca

Mallorca is a very fertile place. It is located amidst two ranges of mountains namely Serres de Llevant and Serra de Tramuntana, to the south and to the north, respectively. Bay of Palma bookends the lowlands. Bay of Alcudia, the historical capital city of the island, is located in this area. The place is composed of warm, shallow seas, and long sandy beaches. This is a great location to do water sports and swimming. The coast is hounded by people who seek adventure and thrill. Coasteering is accompanied by scrambling, rock-climbing, cliff-jumping, abseiling, and other adventures that make people come again and again to Mallorca’s coastline.

Ideal Time to Visit Mallorca

During the summers, the temperature remains quite hot with very little rainfall in the lowland area. This is the ideal time to hit the beach and enjoy vacation time with the family. If you prefer to enjoy more on land, then consider visiting the island during autumn or spring months. During these seasons, the breeze is cooler. This time is best if you want to explore the island on a bike or on foot. The island is a haven for cyclists and hikers. The peaks offer marvelous views along with mind-boggling climbing experiences.

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Highlights of the Island

  • Palma de Mallora: Visit the capital of the Balearic Islands if you want to experience the laid back vibes. The place resonates with history and is a good place to enjoy local restaurants and bars.
  • Palma Cathedral is a must visit in the capital. It is an example of the beauty of classic architecture and will impress tourists of all ages.
  • Almudaina Palace is also located in Palma itself. Visit this palace to get the fairytale aura. The Spanish royal family resides here.
  • Alcudia’s Old Town is located on the north side of the island. The town holds a wall belonging to the 14th century. Colorful markets are organized in this town on Tuesdays and Saturdays all year round.
  • Es Canyaret is a beautiful beach on the periphery of Llucalari village. This place holds refreshing pools of mud and spectacular waterfalls.
  • Port des Canonge is a quite aloof but beautiful spot located on the east side of the ancient village named Banyalbufar.
  • Coll Baix is a marvelous bay fringed with cliffs. Serene turquoise waters surround the place.
  • Deia is a rather small coastal village but is more on the creative side. This village has attracted great musicians and artists. This mesmerizing village has charming lush gardens, an amazing jigsaw of flat-roofed buildings in traditional style, and a great Michelin-starred restaurant. Here you get fresh and delicious prawns brought directly from Port de Soller. The town also organizes festivals from time to time.
  • Caves del Drach is the spot for you if you enjoy underground adventure. These caves hold jaw-dropping views for the onlookers. These caves also have a very large lake that is also underground. You can even take a boat ride within the cave and also you get to enjoy love classical music with your ride!

So, next time, consider Mallorca to be the destination for your holiday. It will be worth it!

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