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Martinique, a Place to Visit more than Once

Martinique, a Place to Visit more than Once

Martinique Travel Guide.

Martinique is a French Caribbean island that has become increasingly popular among tourists all around the world. Home to stunning beaches that border tropical rainforest and beautiful Cathedrals that shares the skyline with volcanoes, Martinique is an experience in itself. It is an island filled with a tremendous amount of activities that will offer you both relaxing vibes and an adrenaline rush. Another notable thing about Martinique is that although it lies in the Caribbean, it is pretty different from Jamaica or Barbados. Its unique culture and relaxing ambience make it a perfect getaway. Martinique is an overseas region of France, so its currency is Euro.

Martinique – French Pearl in the Caribbean

Visit Martinique

Martinique has a tropical climate and the best time to visit is between November and March during the dry season. The island’s official language is French, but you’ll also hear people speak in the local Creole dialect. English is not very common here, so it’s wise to learn few French phrases. There is a lack of public transport, so hiring a cab to visit the entire island is better.


Martinique is primarily an agricultural island that has suffered the horrors of slavery and colonialism in the past. It has a racially mixed population of about four hundred thousand residents. While most of the Caribbean islands went independently, Martinique and Guadeloupe became French territories politically and economically. As a result, its inhabitants are French citizens with the same rights and privileges. In simple terms, Martinique is tropical France with palm tree beaches, banana & pineapple plantations, and volcanic mountains.


Martinique has a rich past that can be experienced through the numerous scattered ruins and historical monuments. In addition, it has a rich history of sugar plantations and rum. Often referred to as the “rum capital of the world”, Martinique is considered the best gourmet island in the entire Caribbean. It is simply one of the most enchanting islands in the Caribbean that stirs the passions with its unique culinary brand. Those who love French culture adore this island for its food, rum, and music.

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Things to Do

Like any other Caribbean island, Martinique is filled with exciting and adventurous activities for its visitors. The island is home to water sports and activities such as scuba diving, snorkelling, catamaran trips, and dolphin watching. In addition, as the island is mountainous with impressive and now dormant volcanoes, there are several great hiking trips available that you can explore. Apart from the various activities, Martinique culture is worth experiencing. It is a mixture of French, African, and South Asian roots. Another important thing that makes Martinique an actual French island is the amount of shopping you can do here. The island has all the brands, and the finest French products are available here.

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