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Mauritius, a Beautiful Indian Ocean Island Nation

Mauritius, a Beautiful Indian Ocean Island Nation

Mauritius Travel Guide.

Mauritius is a gem in Africa that magnetizes tourists from all over the world. It has a tropical climate that makes it a tourist attraction throughout the year. But the best months to enjoy the most are from May to December during winter. Mauritius has always been on the top of the list whether you are looking for a family vacation, honeymoon, leisure, or solo travel. It has wonderful beaches, marvellous islands full of wildlife, and it’s a world-famous hub for water sports.


Mauritius is an island nation that is located in the Indian Ocean close to Reunion Islands. It is connected to Madagascar in the east, and although an island far from mainland Africa, it is a part of Africa. Mauritius has a total of 16 islands and islets that are known for their exquisite beauty. They formed thousands of years ago through volcanic eruptions. Mauritius doesn’t have an official language, and French is the most widely spoken language, followed by English.


Mauritius is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Must visit beaches on the island includes La Cuvette Beach, Peyerbere Beach, and Ilot Gabriel Beach. La Cuvette lies in the northwestern part of Mauritius, and it’s a hidden gem as not many tourists know about it. It is also known for the two famous resorts on this beach, “Royal Palm Beach” or “La Mauricia Beach”. Peyerbere Beach is known for its clear blue water and silvery-white sand. This beach is best for snorkelling and other water sports.

Downtown Port Louise

Port Louise is excellent and a must-visit. A popular attraction here is the Champ de Mars, the oldest racecourse in the Indian Ocean region. Downtown Port Louise is filled with great shopping and entertainment options, along with world-class hotels that overlook the Port Louise harbour. In addition, this city is a cultural landscape. Mauritius has left the place over four centuries of colonial rule with a rich multicultural mosaic of French, Indian, and African heritage.

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Chamarel Waterfall

This is a significant tourist attraction in Mauritius. This beautiful waterfall stands about 83 meters tall and is formed by the St. Denis river. Lies in the lush green, Chamarel waterfall can be viewed from the topside from a deck at the Chamarel Seven Colored Earth reserve. It can also be reached at the bottom by a trail. You can also swim here in the shallow waters.

Blue Bay Marine Park

This is an underwater park that is home to some fantastic corals and aquatic life. It is a popular diving spot and is known for its highly distinctive sea bed. The park mainly features 38 different varieties of corals and more than 70 species of fish. You can also take driving lessons here.

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