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Mount Teide – Spain’s Highest Mountain & Only Active Volcano

Mount Teide – Spain’s Highest Mountain & Only Active Volcano

The Ultimate Guide to Visiting The Mount Teide

Your visit to the Canary Islands would be incomplete without a visit to the Mount Teide volcano. It is the highest mountain in Spain. This famous volcano is the crucial reason for the existence of the island. Those who visit this volcano will be mesmerised with stunning views from the top.

Check out some luxury activities here so that your visit to Mount Teide becomes a memorable one:

1. Rent a car to drive Mount Teide all by yourself

It is one of the most rewarding activities while you are there. Renting a car will give you a lot of flexibility, and you should have it right at the airport. You can drive and explore Mount Teide in your own time.

2. Mount Teide tours and excursions 

There are many Mt. Teide excursions and tours, which will drive, as well as help you to explore the national park. Choose an excursion package that includes adequate time to enjoy a cable car ride to the summit.

Following are a few popular Mount Teide tour choices. Any of these tours will offer you the privilege to explore the place well.

·       Tenerife Five-Hour National Park Jeep Safari– It is one of the rare Mount Teide tours from Costa Adeje, as well as other points in the island’s southern point.

·       Excursion from Santa Cruz with cable ride-It is one of the half-day Mount Teide trips that include a cable car ride.

·       From Puerto de la Cruz: National Park VIP Tour

·       Full-Day Small-Group Tour from different Northen Tenerife points. The cable car ride is included in the package.

·       From Playa de las Americas in a private jeep including Masca

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3. The Mount Teide Cable Car

It is one of the most popular Tenerife attractions for tourists. The cable car ride also happens to be a preferred activity in the national park. Be prepared to be whisked up in the mountain in total comfort and speed. 

The ride takes just about 8 minutes to reach the summit and has a capacity of 44 passengers simultaneously. The good news is that the cable car does not get over 30 meters above the mountainside. So, the ride is ideal for all those scared of heights as it never climbs very high. 

4. Cycling Mount Teide

Professional cyclists from all over the world come to Tenerife for training every winter. Even amateur cyclists come here to climb up the volcano. However, they should only indulge in it if they are in great physical shape. 

Cyclists and runners will find it a compelling opportunity and a challenge to climb up the highest mountain in Spain. It is an excellent activity for outdoor enthusiasts and adrenalin junkies. 

So, pack your bags and plan your vacation to Mount Teide in advance for a hassle-free experience. All these above activities are a symbol of prestige and are great ways to explore the locality.

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