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Oslo’s Hidden & Surprising Gems

Oslo’s Hidden & Surprising Gems

Oslo Travel Guide.

Oslo is the capital of Norway. It’s the best vacation destination if you seek a mix of nature and urban wonders. Oslo perfectly balances impressive cityscapes with scenic landscapes.

Beaming with museums and galleries, Oslo also offers fun activities. Here are the best places to visit in Oslo.

Akershus Fortress         

Constructed in the 1300s, this Fortress is among Oslo’s best places to learn Oslo’s history. In addition, the fortress offers guided tours in the summer. So you can explore Oslo’s past while enjoying a day in the pleasant Norway summers.   

Holmenkollen Ski Museum & Tower

This is the oldest Ski Museum in the world. The Museum takes you on a journey through 4000 years of skiing. It exhibits 2500 pairs of skis. Some skis were initially owned by Norway’s famous skiers. The museum also holds exhibitions on modern skiing and snowboarding. There is a particular room for children called Blåkollen (‘the blue hill’).

Fram Museum  

The Fram Museum houses Fram, the most challenging wooden ship ever built. No other wooden ship has sailed as far as the Fram. Visitors are allowed to board the boat and witness the life of the crew. They have installed a polar stimulator. You can experience how the team survived the dangerous voyages.

Vigeland Sculpture Park

This park exhibits 650 sculptures by Gustav Vigeland. The sculptures are mostly made from granite, brass and wrought iron. You will be entranced by their thematic significance. They are arranged beautifully. Vigeland Sculpture Park is a part of the famous Frogner Park. Ideal for picnics and flower-gazing, the Frogner Park also has the country’s most giant playground.

Natural History Museum

Explore the diversity of nature in the Natural History Museum. It exhibits plants from all over the world and even giant dinosaur skeletons. The museum covers all essential aspects of zoology, botany and geology. It lays particular importance on climate change.

The Viking Ship Museum

Learn about the great Viking history. This museum exhibits well-preserved Viking ships and artefacts from tombs around the Oslo Fjord. Other ancient Viking items like sledges, small boots and utensils are also displayed. In addition, the museum has a screening of the film The Vikings Alive every day.

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TusenFryd Amusement Park

If you are up for a thrilling adventure, look no further. TusenFryd is sprawling with excitement. They have the classic roller coaster, carousels and many more rides. Among its 30+ amusing attractions is BadeFryd, the water park. It has a large swimming pool with exhilarating waterslides.

The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet

This cultural hub of performing arts is placed right at the harbour. Due to its white exterior, it appears to come straight out of the water. The stellar architecture of the building has won many awards. The Opera House hosts many programs, including Opera, Ballet and Concerts.

Oslo, the capital of Norway. A visit to this south coast city means a trip into its fascinating past.

In Conclusion

Oslo is famous for its museums and galleries. Plan your vacation here to experience the rich culture of Norway. 

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