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Postojna Cave, the Queen of the Underground World

Postojna Cave, the Queen of the Underground World

Your Guide to Postojna Cave.

Venture into the mysterious depths of one of the most daunting and popular tourist attractions of Slovenia – the Postojna Cave. A breathtaking creation of nature, Postojna Cave is called the Queen of all Caves and is located in the Park Postojnska Jama along with Predjama Castle. The Castle is a man-made engineering wonder and also the largest cave castle the world has ever seen.

The Postojna Cave, along with the Predjama Castle is worth a visit in a lifetime. One of the most famous Karst monuments, the cave is a fantastic maze of tunnels underground, branching off into seemingly endless passages, preserved perfectly and adorned with halls and galleries.

Postojna Cave is a mere 1-hour drive from Bled, which makes it ideal for a day visit.

Let’s find out what to expect when you go on your own adventure to the stunning Postojna Cave!

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1) A Thrilling Train Ride

Your adventure in the Karst netherworld spanning about 6 km begins with a 10-minute train ride into the interior regions of the cave. The electric mini-train covers 4 km of the journey into the cave. From there onwards, tourists can walk around the 2 km network of purpose-built channels leading to different naturally-made caverns. Be sure to bring warm clothes as it can get pretty chilly down there, about 10 degrees Celsius! The entire trip by train and on foot takes about 1-2 hours. Postojna Cave is a completely guided tour, during which you learn all about the Karst features and topography.

2) An Endemic Species of Fish

The Postojna Cave of Slovenia houses a one-of-a-kind species of fish that is native only to this region of Europe. The Olm or the human-fish is an amphibian that lives in underground caves. Also called cave salamanders, these fish are adapted to live in and around underground water bodies that are devoid of natural light. They are called ‘human-fish’ owing to the lack of pigmentation on their bodies, which make them appear pinkish-white like the human skin. These fish are rumored to be part of an ancient lineage dating 110 million years! Olms are said to be able to live up to a century, and are naturally blind due to poor eyesight development.

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3) A Stalagmite Skyscraper

The Postojna Cave is a 24 km long stretch of subterranean Karst topography, carved intricately by the Pivka River over millions of years. Once off the train, your find yourself 200 m underground, with stalactites and stalagmites towering all around you. The most impressive structures are the Skyscraper, a 16-metre-high crystal white stalagmite, the Brilliant, which is the oldest post-office in an underground and a large concert hall. The Annual Nativity Play held here in the underground hall is a sight to behold!

All this and an endless array of adventurous experiences await your arrival in the otherworldly Postojna Cave! Book your tickets for this unforgettable experience of a lifetime!

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