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Santorini, the Marvellously Beautiful Greek Island

Santorini, the Marvellously Beautiful Greek Island

Exotic Travel Guide to Santorini, Greece

Santorini is a marvelously beautiful island existing in the lap of Greece. The whitewashed villages of this location give a heavenly appearance with their whitewashed look. The sapphire-colored domes and rainbow flowers decorating the buildings will take anyone’s breath away. On top of that, the mesmerizing sunset at Oia is enough to explain why this island is counted among the gems of Greece. If you are up to plan a trip to this island for your holiday and honeymoon, then scroll down to get a quick guide of this exotic place.

Santorini is not a very big island and you can drive from the North part of the island to the South part in roughly about an hour. This island comes under the range of Cycladic Islands that exist between Crete and Athens.

The Top Destinations to Explore in Santorini

Explore the Streets of Oia

Oia is the most breathtaking town of Santorini. It will be an adventure of its own to experience walking up and down the whitewashed steps of the town and finding a break at a tavern in the evening. The blue domes with ivory homes gives the feeling as if the sky and clouds have come down to Earth! Visit the castle of Oia to enjoy the beauty of sunset.

Roam around in Fira

Fira is Santorini’s capital is regularly visited by the tourists. It has many spots to shop and dine. The chapels of the city are the best deal to explore. The Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptists and the Saint Minas Holy Orthodox Church are hidden treasures of the place. Along the cliffs, you can find amazing hiking trails. You can opt to hike from Fira to Oia and enjoy a peaceful journey among the luxury of nature.

Hiking up to Skaros Rock

Skaros Rock is a gigantic sum of rock that watched over the enormous sea. Hiking up to this huge rock formation will be an adrenaline-filled trip. The spot holds the ruins of the ancient Venetian fortress, which was once regarded as Santorini’s capital. A serene white church overlooks the sea behind this rock. To get the best view, try to hike up to the peak of Skaros Rock.


Megalochori is famous for the classic architecture, caves houses, mansions, along with elegant churches with their azure domes. If you delve into the main square of the village, you will find many cafes and taverns.

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Red Beach

Red Beach is counted among the unique and exquisite beaches of Greece. The volcanic cliffs that regularly break down have resulted into naming the beach thus. Be aware of any rock that may fall. You can also explore this beach during a boat trip.

Take a Wine Tour

The Greek Islands are world-famous for the unique taste of their assyrtiko wines. Here the vines are grown in baskets on ground instead of growing them vertically. It is due to the fact that water is a limited resource on the island. Growing the vines close to the ground helps them to tap the moisture from the volcanic soil. Also, growing wines in this manner protects them from the strong winds of island. The wine of these wineries is very exclusive because the yield of vines is very low.

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