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Sicily Travel Guide for a Quick Getaway

Sicily Travel Guide for a Quick Getaway

Romantic Sicily Travel Guide

A few miles off the coast of Italy lies the remarkable world of Sicily – A melting pot of Italian culture and architecture all concentrated into a small exotic capsule of an island. Here are a few recommendations we bring to the feminine enthusiast of luxury and world travel.

Rent up a vintage Alfa Romeo and zoom around the landscape with a scarf and a sash, and a spring in your step.

The Church and Cathedral Spree

You can start the day by visiting the Cathedral of Monreale – A medieval memoir of Norman architecture. The walls are embedded with Byzantine mosaic while the ceiling glitters gold. Then, March forward to the Saint Nicholas Cathedral, where you can simmer in the gleaming confluence of art from three different races – The Normans, The Greeks and The Romans. There is also a Cathedral named after St Agatha – its most notable feature being the intersectional Baroque building design that inspires awe and delight.

Discover The Beautiful Sicily!

The Hotel Palace

Set between the towering slopes of Mount Etna and azure blue waters of the Ionic sea is the San Domenico Palace forming the focal point of activity in the land of Taormina. With a history of grandeur spanning over two decades, it harbours an environment – each part telling different versions of a story. How imperial courts fell in love with warm artistic magic is that tale. As soon as you step out of the mansion hotel and look up, Mount Edna comes into view – gushing in calm volcanic glory. You could take up a trail to its summit too.

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About a stone’s throw from the hotel is the Teatro Antico Di Taormina theatre, born as much from Greek arts as Roman culture. From thereon, if you continue to drive towards the edges, you might end up on a walkable strip of land that could take you to another quaint island reserve – The Isola Bella.

Dine and Wine

Michelin food fanatics must head to Bye Bye Blues. A brainchild of the first Silician woman to earn a Michelin, this could be the perfect joint for your Italiano luxury food cravings. Or you could book a table at the Ristorante la Madia and feast on their Cannoli. After all, this is what you must come back with as a lesson from the land of Italy – Mangia bene, ridi spesso, ama molto – Eat well, often laugh, love much.

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