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Six Of The Best Things To Catch On Your Trip To Uruguay

Six Of The Best Things To Catch On Your Trip To Uruguay

Uruguay is the second smallest state in South America. Despite being dwarf, it has everything to offer its visitors, which is worth seeing. There are many impressive and incredible things, such as different valleys, theatres, and other cultural landmarks, making it a fascinating destination. 

Not just this, there are so many beautiful beaches which will leave you surprised with its eternal beauty. Today, we will be guiding you with the travel guide so that your Uruguay trip goes smoothly and is memorable.

6 Things To See In Uruguay

1. Hot Springs

For a truly relaxing getaway, go to the hot springs near Salto and Paysand. Natural water is heated and flows from beneath the earth’s surface, where water parks, thermal spas, inns, and hotels may now be found. The water is mineral-rich, making it particularly suitable for drinking and bathing.

2. Salto del Penitente

Around Lavalleja, where Salto del Penitente is located, Uruguay has an extremely rocky topography. The beautiful views from high in the mountains, which lead to little waterfalls and natural pools, should be your major attraction. There is also a must-visit restaurant amid the rocky highlands and a variety of daring activities such as rock climbing and horseback riding.

3. Pan de Azúcar

Maldonado’s Pan de Azcar is a hill. The large cross erected on its top makes it immediately identifiable. A natural reserve on the hill is home to a diverse array of native Uruguayan fauna. Some species were once endangered and were saved because of the natural reserve’s efforts. Hike through the woods, take in the scenery, and reach the summit!

4. Teatro Solís

The Solis Theater is a landmark in Montevideo‘s Ciudad Vieja, or Old City quarter. Ciudad Vieja’s architecture and urban planning are stunning—you may get lost wandering the streets, people-watching, and uncovering hidden gems. Inside the Solis Theater, you’ll find lovely ornamental décor from the turn of the century.

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5. Mercado del Puerto

The “Port Market” is no longer so much a market as it is a massive space filled with restaurants and businesses. On weekends, there are street markets just outside, and an artisan market is adjacent every day. It’s a fantastic spot to immerse yourself in Uruguayan culture. You can eat traditional Uruguayan cuisine, listen to traditional music performed by street performers, and people-watch for hours because it’s a lively part of town.

6. Punta del Diablo

The scenery around Punta del Diablo is breathtaking. There is a historic stronghold known as Santa Teresa and a natural reserve with the same name, campsites, and other undeveloped beaches. Cerro Verde is another neighboring natural area on the beach where locals look after stranded sea turtles. Punta del Diablo is a picturesque fishing village with beautiful beaches and delicious seafood.

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