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Ten Reasons to Fly with Emirates

Ten Reasons to Fly with Emirates

The Luxury and Comfort of Emirates Airlines.

Did you know Emirates Airlines flew a whopping 56 million passengers in 2019-2020? Being the largest airline in the Middle East, these numbers continue to soar. Emirates is truly considered the benchmark for commercial aviation and we tell you why!

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1.  Well-connected

Emirates operates 157 destinations in 80 countries across 6 continents. With its hub in Dubai, it enjoys a huge network and connects you to all the major cities in the world conveniently.

2.  Excellent In-flight Entertainment

The in-flight entertainment system in Emirates offers you over 2000 channels in diverse languages. This guarantees you a fun-filled trip while watching your favorite movies, cartoons, TV shows and more.

3.  Impressive Fleet

Emirates has an enviable fleet size of 270 aircraft. The award-winning carrier also boasts 119 A380-800 airplanes, the most held by any airline in the world. It also has Boeing 777 in its fleet.

4.  Avant-Garde Cabin Crew Service

One of the best perks of flying with Emirates is its warm and hospitable staff. Whether you travel in economy class or business class, they go out of their way to help you in case you need any assistance.

5.  Comfortable Seats

When you fly with Emirates, you sign up for spacious legroom and relaxing seats. You have enough space to rest your legs without any congestion. Plus, each seat comes with easy reclination, cushion and adjustable headrest.

6.  Scrumptious In-flight Meals

Most people think twice before ordering airplane food. But when you are flying with Emirates airlines, you get served delectable cuisines from the menu options. They are served hot, hygienically packed and taste yummy.

7.  On-board Wi-Fi Connection

When you are a passenger of Emirates airlines, you can stay connected with your loved ones from the flight with a Wi-Fi connection. Depending on the length of the flight, you can choose from the various Wi-Fi plans available.

8.  Miscellaneous In-flight Services

Emirates Airlines knows how to make your journey more memorable with its touch of care. From providing hot towels, earplugs and eye masks to offering puzzles and coloring books for your kids, they know how to go above and beyond.

9.  Exclusive Airport Lounge

Business-class and first-class passengers can enjoy a relaxing time at the exclusive Emirates airlines airport lounge before they board their flights. There’s complimentary food and drinks and other forms of entertainment for an ultimate flying experience.

10. Private Chauffeur Service 

Flying business class with Emirates makes you eligible for an exclusive private chauffeur drive service. No matter where you are, a private chauffeur will pick you from your house to take you to the airport. You don’t have to worry about getting a taxi at all.

Looking to fly to your next holiday destination? Fly with Emirates!

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