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The Imperial Vienna – City Guide

The Imperial Vienna – City Guide

Vienna is the national capital, the largest city, and one of the most populated areas of Austria; it is as well one of the most elegant cities in the world. Vienna is home to art, artists, amazing architecture and breathtaking landscapes. The location of Vienna in the centre of Europe gives it the privilege of being close to all its neighbour countries, and any country in Europe could easily be reached within a couple of hours, more or less.

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Vienna is a monumental city that offers many attractions, but some attractions are a must-see even if you only have two days or you have a quick stop by the city. Remember that Vienna is the home of music, art, beautiful architecture and inspiration. There are many attractions to discover in this stunning capital city. Therefore, keep in mind that before travelling to Vienna, you need to organise your trip so you can make the best of it and see as much as you can. For this reason, in this article, you will find out the most interesting tourist attractions that should be included on anyone’s list while visiting Vienna, even for those who are only planning a shortstop.

Must-see attractions in the Imperial city of Vienna
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Vienna is an imperial city with an old history that contributed to building the Vienna of today. It was the home to famous kings, famous artists and famous politicians, these people had to have places where to live according to their social status, so they built some of the grand palaces in history. For this reason, in Austria but especially in Vienna you find many palaces and castles that nowadays are open to the public, and some of them even became museums. There is a list of courts and castle to see in Vienna, choose your favourite and make sure you visit it from inside.

Vienna State Opera

If palaces are a must-visit, the Vienna State Opera is the diamond of the city. You can’t visit Vienna without visiting the State Opera. The house of Opera of Vienna is the most famous and one of the oldest Opera houses globally, and if you could visit one Opera house in your entire life, you should choose Vienna State Opera.

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This is probably the most beautiful building in Vienna. Karlskirche is a Baroque-style church built in the 18th century, and its two majestic columns stand out, imitating the Trajan Column of Rome. Considered by the people of Austria and the visitors as the most outstanding baroque church in Vienna, and it is also the city’s greatest building.

There are many more things to see, discover and enjoy in Vienna, but if you had to choose only three things to see, these three attractions should be the top of your list. Vienna is one of those cities that always keeps a secret and gives reasons to be visited again, once you go to Vienna you will realise that you will be coming back again.

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