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The Luxurious Venice Simplon-Orient Train

The Luxurious Venice Simplon-Orient Train

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express.

Experience utmost luxury and breathtaking nostalgia while traveling from London to Venice in the Venice Simplon Orient Express. This private luxury train, owned by Belmond, promises word-class luxury and lavishness on-the-go as it chugs across Europe’s scenic landscape. If you’re planning a relaxing trip across Europe, in royal-vintage style, the Venice Simplon Orient Express or VSOE is probably the ideal way for you.

This train, equipped with five-star facilities, runs between the months of March and November. It has a total of 18 carriages, with 12 of them being sleeper cars, 3 cars for lavish dining, 1 car with a bar and drinks, and the others for storing luggage. In 2018, the S1 coach called the ‘Grand Suite Class’ was introduced. The VSOE is operational from the Central London Victoria, and travels across Europe’s prime destinations – Paris, Venice, Budapest, Vienna, Istanbul and London. The VSOE has been in operation since 1982, when it was designed and started by Kentucky-based James Sherwood.

Let’s know more about what to expect when you get on board the majestic VSOE.

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Grand Suite, Venice

1) State-of-The-Art Interiors

Step into the midnight blue luxury coaches of the VSOE, and be prepared to lose yourself in unrivalled grandeur. The first thing to marvel at when you first get on board is your cabin, the interiors, and the staff’s world-class hospitality. Dressed to perfection and all smiles, your host steward will guide you to your cabin, which is tastefully decorated with polished French cherry wood and art deco designs. The interiors proudly showcase the years of perfect maintenance and artistic restoration. And then the journey begins!

2) The Transcendental Journey

The VSOE promises you the best of Europe as it embarks on its journey from London to Venice. Passing by the enthralling French pastures and the valleys of the Swiss Alps, all the way to the culture-rich Istanbul, via wondrous Budapest. There are new routes across Amsterdam, where you can stop for the day to explore the historic Dutch canals and gorge on authentic delicacies. Be back on board the VSOE for the night for a rest between the silken sheets of your luxurious bed.

3) Authentic and Unforgettable European Cuisine 

As you embark on your memorable journey across Europe vintage-style, find yourself sampling the exquisite continental and seasonal cuisines in the lavish dining coaches of the Simplon Orient Express. As your ride stops at various destinations across the continent, the staff picks fresh produce and ingredients en route, to prepare for you lip-smacking delicacies whose taste you’ll never forget. A sumptuous continental breakfast is served right at your cabin doorstep every morning, while you can enjoy your lunch and dinner on the opulent dining and bar coaches providing five-star catering. Drinks and dishes of choice are also served à la carte. Be sure to mention your dietary restrictions or requirements beforehand so your meals are tailor-made for you.

With this delightful cornucopia awaiting your arrival, what’s stopping you from booking your tickets on the Venice Simplon Orient Express?

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