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The Top Beach Destinations in Italy

The Top Beach Destinations in Italy

Top 5 beaches in Italy.

Italy, a country surrounded by water on almost all sides, is sure to feature some admirable beaches? It indeed does, and that is why whenever you travel to any seaside location in Italy, all you can do is feel mesmerized by the vista! A shiny blue ocean, clear skies, and gold-like sand together in one picture is unquestionably a sight to behold!

To have everlasting happy memories of your Italian visit, do check out the breathtaking beaches here. So without any further ado, let’s take a peek at the beautiful beaches Italy has kept up its sleeve.

Amalfi coast 

You’ll have paradisal feelings with your first peek of this beach. This beach is the pride of Italy and counts among the most beautiful coastlines in the world. This beach alone has at least 5 million annual visitors. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is over 34 miles long with sky-touching cliffs filled with vibrant vegetation and forestry. It also has multiple towns across the shoreline, and together they form the perfect scenery to even hinder natural tsunamis dead in their tracks. The coastal beach is connected to 13 seaside towns via the SS163 highway, renowned as one of the most beautiful scenic drives.

Amalfi Coast Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia


Sardinia is a 9,301 square miles Mediterranean island off the west coast of Italy’s main body. “Sardinia is different” is a famous sentence stated in the book written by D.H. Lawrence. It is certainly true as the island lures visitors due to its ancient culture and mind-captivating coastal scenery. To find a comfy place for nesting on the island, you may drive to the northern Emerald Coast and discover many glamorous hotels. It would be the perfect destination for you to cosy up, like royalty. You would also get great ristorantes to treat your taste buds.


If you picture your grand tour to Italy on a tropical island, Sicily is the destination you cannot miss. If you wish to look at roaring seashores with sparkling turquoise water, sandy shores, and erupting volcanoes to fit the background, then a trip to the island of Sicily is a must. You can also add ancient ruins to that image, which might make you think that you have entered the Jumanji game. Finally, you can enjoy the coastline view by booking yourself a table in a famous seashore restaurant here. As a bonus, you’d get to relish the rich taste of a variety of seafood available in Sicily.

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If you want to visit a paradise on earth, then be sure to visit Capri. There are rumours that the island of Capri was the location from where sirens tried to seduce Odysseus and his sailors, as written in Homer’s “The Odyssey.” And somehow, the myth might be true except for the involvement of any seductive sirens. Instead, the island is full of lush green trees and beautiful flower gardens.


Situated in the Gulf of Naples, this coastline is known for its thermal waters, hot springs, and of course, its beautiful beaches. The beaches are of varying sizes. Cartaromana is one of the smallest but has a splendid view of Castello Arganese. In contrast, Maronti counts among the largest on the entire shoreline.

Ischia Island, Italy
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