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Three Must-Visit Paradise Islands in Spain

Three Must-Visit Paradise Islands in Spain

Paradise Islands in Spain.

Spain is known for its paradise islands where tourists can enjoy a perfect location. There are many such islands that offer varied experiences from travellers. If you want to enjoy a memorable holiday in Spain, then include the paradise islands below in your itinerary. Of the various islands, three islands for a luxury vacation are Menorca, Formentera, and Fuerteventura. Read on to know more exotic holidays in these beautiful islands.

1. Menorca

Menorca, also known as Minorca is an island in the Mediterranean Sea. A part of the Balearic Islands, this island is one of the popular destinations for tourists. The megalithic monuments made of stone are a major attraction at this island. Prehistoric man lived in this island and there are many evidences for this. The island has a rich history and you can get to know all about it by visiting the museums and historic sites.

The capital of this island is Mao or Mahon. It is the birth place of one of the most popular sauce, mayonnaise which is originally called Mahonesa. Do visit the fortress near the fort when you are in the capital. If you are going with family, then a visit to the Lloc de Menorca zoo is a must. Kids would enjoy seeing lemurs, monkeys, and wallabies. The exotic beaches of Menorca are a great way to enjoy a laid back holiday. A trip on horseback is another way you can enjoy this lovely island.

Menorca – an Island Biosphere Reserve

2. Formentera

This island is also located in the Balearic Islands. This beautiful islands is known for the crystal-clear waters, the amazing beaches and the pink sands. From snorkeling to diving, and kayaking to paddle surfing there are plenty of things to do. For an exotic holiday, visit the private beach S’ Espalmador. The beautiful waters and bird watching are attractions of this beach. If you love hiking and cycling, there are plenty of things to do. Explore the four historic towers of the island by walk or cycle and enjoy a great time.

If you care for the environment, then you can do your bit by sponsoring the rare sea grass. This sea grass is what makes the waters so pristine. When you sponsor a patch of sea grass, you are contributing to saving the natural ecosystem of the island. When in Formentera, don’t forget to enjoy the food. Have a great meal enjoying local catch and the best of wines produced locally.

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Aerial View of Formentera

3. Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is the longest island and the second largest of the Canary Islands of Spain. These famous islands are the top tourist destination in Spain. Fuerteventura is around 60 miles from Africa and offers a warm climate with a cool breeze. Tourists come to this island for the beaches where they soak in the sun while relishing a drink of their choice. For an exotic holiday, visit the Oasis Park, which is the No. 1 camel reserve in entire Europe.

Take a ferry ride and visit Lobos Island. This is an uninhabited island that is protected. You can find rare birds and plants here. Snorkeling is a great attraction here. Fish and seafood is naturally the most popular local delicacy. Enjoy dishes like Papas Arrugadas and Calimocho along with Majorero Cheese. Enjoy the nightlife by visiting the clubs and bars. Round off your visit by shopping for local crafted items at the Los Rotandos Centre

Fuerteventura Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia
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