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The Best Things to Do Tokyo

The Best Things to Do Tokyo

Tokyo Travel Guide.

Tokyo is a frantic, crazy, and amazing city. Here you can visit the imperial palace, see the beautiful cherry blossoms, the morning fish market, party in Tokyo’s trendy nightlife district, eat many amazing foods, and sing karaoke. 

Well, Tokyo is a favorite of many. It is the top favourite city for many globally travellers, and you can’t have enough of it. This Tokyo travel guide includes the following top things to do in Tokyo.

Let’s get a look into what they all are.

Admire Sensoji Temple:

The original temple was first built back in the 7th century. The resurrected temple is painted beautifully, and it sits in a very scenic spot near the five-story pagoda and a famous Kaminari Gate. There is also a huge statue of Kannon, the goddess of mercy, present inside the main hall. 

The grounds are open 24/7. You can visit this place any time of the year and appreciate the beautiful landscape this place offers. It is one of the top places to visit in Tokyo.

Watch a Sumo Match:

Kokugikan, Japan’s top favorite sumo wrestling arena, hosts tournaments around thrice every year. The sumo wrestling that we are seeing today dates back to the 17th century, though the original date of this wrestling is even before that. Even today, it is one of the very popular traditions in the country. 

If you are in this town, this is a must-do thing. Tickets sell out way too fast; hence you should book them immediately. It is also in best Tokyo travel guide that would tell you to visit this place. 

Gaze at Mount Fuji from Hakone:

Hakone is a very picturesque place where you can view Mount Fuji. It is located just an hour from Tokyo. It is one of the best places to be away from the city and relax for some days and take the view of Fuji-san, which is one of Japan’s three holy mountains. 

There are many guesthouses in this area, most with their private hot springs known as onsen. It is an ideal romantic getaway spot if you are roaming in Tokyo as a couple. 

Visit the Imperial Palace:

The Imperial Place is the home of the Emperor of Japan. Formerly, Edo Castle, the palace was built during the 15th century. When the emperor moved the country’s capital from Kyoto to Tokyo in 1869, he took this castle for his new palace. 

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While you still can’t go inside, the palace and its grounds are already too mesmerizing to be enough. This is one of the best places to visit in Tokyo.

Shop at Akihabara Electric Town:

This is the market of the electronics world. You may find almost anything you can think of here and all of the things you have never thought of. Most up-and-coming electronics are brought here for testing. 

This area has a futuristic feel, having a ton of bright lights and huge billboards. It also looks very similar to something from a sci-fi movie. Many local artists are selling their music at this place. This is also one top addition to any Tokyo travel guide if you are traveling here. 

Tokyo Vacation Travel Guide by Expedia

These are the main Tokyo tourist attractions and have already made many people come to this place and explore the beautiful land of Tokyo.

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