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Top 5 Tourist Attractions That Will Make You Love Bangkok

Top 5 Tourist Attractions That Will Make You Love Bangkok

Top 5 Tourist Attractions That Will Make You Love Bangkok

Wondering what are the top attractions in Bangkok that you should visit on your first trip? Are you fond of traveling? It would help if you indeed did not skip out on the capital of Thailand, Bangkok. It is anything that capital must be, i.e., colorful, noisy, exciting, crowded, smile-inducing, and infuriating. There are ancient sites, temples, and many other attractions that you must visit, and shop at modern shopping malls that will bring your trip a charm. Let’s explore:

Top 5 Tourist Attractions In Bangkok

1. The Grand Palace:

Suppose you would be allowed to visit only a single historical attraction in Bangkok, then this must be it. The royal compound is just as perfect as its name is. It comes with many spectacular structures that put the most decadent and modern monarchs to utter shame. It is the home of Wat Phra Kaeo, which is the house of Jade Buddha

This beauty was built in 1782 and was the royal residence for all generations. It is still used for many important ceremonies and heads of state. You must dress modestly when visiting Grand Palace; your legs and arms must be covered without sloppy attire. 

2. Wat Pho:

Located just south of Grand Palace, Wat Pho makes an ideal addition to your palace tour, and your feet are up for walking more. This temple was constructed by King Rama 1 and is the oldest one in Bangkok. 

It was considered a place that gave healing to people that came here. It was famous many centuries ago for pharmacy and was the first university in Thailand that King Rama III established. You can also get a Thai massage at their traditional medical school on its premises. 

3. Wat Arun:

This place is more of a triumphant complex. This is one of the best places to visit in Bangkok, dating back to the time of ancient battles that happened between former Burma and Siam. Having fallen to Burmese, the Ayuthaya was shattered to ashes and rubble. 

Still, General Taksin and all reaming survivors vowed to march until the sun would rise again and build a temple here. This place is a beautiful addition to your Bangkok trip. 

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4. Wat Traimit the Temple of Golden Buddha:

This is one of the popular places to visit in Bangkok. During the 1950s, the East Asiatic Company bought land around this temple. The condition of the sale was that the removal of the plaster statue should be done, but this statue proved to be very heavy. 

The cable parted, and the whole figure dropped while being left there throughout the night at the place it fell. It also happened to be during the rainy season, and while the following day, a few monks walked by it, they started noticing the glint of gold shining from the plaster. And what was revealed after removing plaster was a 3.5-meter Buddha cast using 5.5 tons of solid gold. 

5. Wat Suthat:

This is also a tourist attraction that always brings many people here each year. It is adjacent to Great Swing and is one of the most beautiful and oldest ones in Bangkok’s Buddhist temples. The three kinds have their hand in its construction, and it was soon started after the coronation of Rama I in 1782 and was completed by the following Kings. 

Besides its beautiful architecture, this temple also boasts exceptionally interesting art collections as wall decorations. These are the top 5 tourist attractions that will make you love Bangkok, and you should explore and see how this land will make a beautiful mark on your memory.

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