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Top 5 Tourist Attractions That Will Make You Love Buenos Aires

Top 5 Tourist Attractions That Will Make You Love Buenos Aires

Top 5 Tourist Attractions That Will Make You Love Buenos Aires

Elegant but always full of the hustle and bustle of the city, Buenos Aires holds the very essence of Argentina. It is the second-largest city in South America and is the cultural capital of the country. It is also known to be the gateway to the remaining large nation. 

There are several tourist attractions in Buenos Aires, some of which always remain not to be missed. 

The Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Buenos Aires:

  1. Plaza de Mayo:

Belle Epoque in Buenos Aires is evident in its splendid colonial buildings in Plaza de Mayo. Juan de Garay established the square back in the 16th century and had a delightful two-block long beautiful plaza that has been a stage for the most important events in the city’s history. 

  1. Presidents Pink House:

The very famous Plaza de Mayo has many fine buildings, of which Casa Rosada was built during the mid-1800s. This place now stands on the site known to have all been occupied by its old customs house and a fourth that dates back to the 16th century. 

It is translated as the Pink House and is also known as the government house. Here is the official residency of the President of Argentina. It is built in Italianate style and is a fine mansion to explore on a fine day of your exploration. 

  1. Recoleta Cemetry and Museums:

This fashionable Recoleta has gotten its name from the Franciscan convent built here in 1716 but is also known best for its beautiful burial ground. The Recoleta Cemetery has been popular with tourists and locals alike, drawn to this place for its elaborate mausoleums.

La Boca and Caminito Street Museum:

This is undoubtedly the most beautiful colorful neighborhood in Bonus Aires. La Boca is the favorite haunt of all creative types and artistic ones. It is particularly for those who like taking their art over the streets, decorating their patios and balconies, and amusing sculptures of many tango dancers with other characters. 

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Much of the amusement and fun here for incoming visitors is the Caminito Street Museum, a carefully pedestrian-friendly area that is now an open-air museum since 1959. This is surely one of the best places to visit in Buenos Aires.

  1. Buenos Aires Cabildo:

This is located in Plaza de Mayo and is a beautiful Cabildo that acted as the seat of the colonial government. At the epicenter of the May 1810 revolution, it happened against Spanish rule. It dates back to 1619, and it later expanded in the 18th century. Currently, the beautiful buildings are the National Museum of the Cabildo, having its many exhibits linked to the city in the 18th century. 

These are some of the top tourist attractions in Buenos Aires that you should not miss. Have a look at the beautiful places that await you in Buenos Aires.

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