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Top 6 Must-Do in Mykonos

Top 6 Must-Do in Mykonos

Exotic Travel Guide to Mykonos

If you are looking for an exotic and luxurious holiday where you can rub shoulders with celebrities, then Mykonos is the place to visit. This island in Greece is known for its beaches and the romantic resorts. No wonder many celebrities prefer to spend their holidays in this exotic location. If you are thinking of planning a trip to Mykonos, then you can refer to this guide.

About Mykonos

Mykonos is an island belonging to Greece that is located in the Aegean Sea. Known as the island of winds, this popular tourist destination is famous for its beaches and nightlife. The island has a typical Mediterranean climate and summers are quite pleasant thanks to the cool wind. This is what attracts tourists to this island. There are plenty of things for tourists to do when they visit Mykonos.

<strong><span class=has inline color has thb accent color><sup>Two of the famous windmills in Mykonos Greece during a clear and bright summer sunny day<sup><span><strong>

What to Do in Mykonos?

1) Enjoy the beach at a resort

Mykonos is known for its luxury beach resorts. If you want to enjoy a holiday by the beach, then choose one of the resorts by the beach. The Myconian Villa Collection is one of the top hotels to stay when you visit this island destination. Soaking in the sun at the beach is a great way to enjoy your holiday.

2) Visit the windmills

One of the key attractions of Mykonos are the windmills. The windmills built in the sixteenth century have become a popular tourist spot. There are such windmills that you need to visit to get a great photo-op.

3) Explore the island

Explore the little island and enjoy all that it has to offer. Walk through the old town and visit the Paraportiani church. Drop in to the boutiques and cafes and have a relaxing time. While exploring the island, don’t forget the beaches. Psarous beach, Panormos beach, Nammos beach, and Scorpios beach are popular destinations for tourists.

4) Have dinner at Ano Mera

When you visit any destination, you need to experience authentic local cuisine. The best way to do this in Mykonos is by visiting the village of Ano Mera. And the best time to do it is after the sun sets. Visit one of the taverns and enjoy a relaxing dinner enjoying the best of local cuisine and wines.

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5) Make a trip to Little Venice

One of the most picturesque places in Mykonos is Little Venice. This quarter of the city is known for its beautiful houses located at the edge of the sea. This is a great place to soak in the atmosphere of the island while enjoying a great view of the sea. If you want the best photographs, then Little Venice is where you will get it. There are art galleries to visit and the nightlife can be best experience here visiting bars and clubs.

6) Visit the museums

There are a few museums in Mykonos that you must include in your itinerary. The House of Lena is a branch of the folklore museum of the island. Visit the agricultural museum near the windmills to take a look at the traditional tools used. The archaeological museum has many sculptures and other items on display, all of which have been excavated from the island. There is a museum on the Delos Island that you must visit to see the gold jewelry, marble busts, and the famous lion statues on display. 

<strong><span class=has inline color has thb accent color><sup>View of Oia the most beautiful village of Santorini island in Greece<sup><span><strong>
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