What are the Best Places to Visit in Cyprus? 

Cyprus Travel Guide. 

Let’s explore the places to visit in Cyprus. Cyprus is just south of Turkey and on the far eastern side of the Mediterranean Sea. The island is the mixing pot of the cultures in Asia and has clear ties to Europe. Cyprus is also well known for its warmer temperatures and scenic beaches, but this isn’t all this island can offer. 

You will also find historic villages, incredible mountains, ancient ruins, and vibrant cities. You can see it by visiting the following places in this Cyprus travel guide.

Cyprus welcomes the world – Visit Cyprus
  1. Famagusta:

In eastern Cyprus is Famagusta, where the deepest harbor over the island is located. Hence, as a result, most cruise ships dock when visiting Cyprus. And in addition to this thriving port, Famagusta is also home to the traditional walled city that still stands today. 

Two of the very iconic landmarks that remain in Famagusta include Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque and the Saint Barnabas Monastery. And immediately on the South is the ghost town of Varosha which was once the heart of the Famagusta tourist trade and is now isolated by the Turkish invasion of 1974. This location is always listed among the top 10 places to visit in Cyprus on travel sites.

  1. Akamas Peninsula:

The western tip of this beautiful land named Cyprus is an area known as Akamas Peninsula, and it is also one of the least inhabited parts of this entire island. If you are eager to get off the beaten track, then this is where you should be. There aren’t any paved roads at all. And as a result, it is just ideal for hiking or mountain biking.

It is also one amazing place for spotting the wildlife, just some that can include reptiles, sea turtles, and native birds. You may also explore the entire history of this place by having a visit to Agios Andronikos, a mosque and is currently a church that was made back in the 16th century. Most travel guides will tell you to visit this place as it is a soothing place to be.

  1. Nicosia:

Nicosia is the main capital city of Cyprus, but it is also unlike any other capital. Nicosia is also divided into Turkish-controlled Northern Cyprus and the cultural Greek Republic of Cyprus in the South. 

Over a dozen museums in Nicosia, the top pick being the Cyprus Museum, the Ledra Observatory Museum, and the Byzantine Museum. You can also climb the 11th floor and see the island’s dividing line. 

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Suppose you are in this market for some Cypriot souvenirs. In that case, you can go to Ledra Street to have more traditional items or Laiki Geitonia for more souvenir shops catering to tourists.

  1. Protaras:

For the most relaxing and accessible beaches, it is also hard to beat the coastal resort in Protaras. The main beach that is Fig Leaf Bay is dotted using sunbeds and loungers, and you may choose whether you want to take a dip in the refreshing waters of the Mediterranean or want to sip on the cocktail in beautiful sunshine. All Cyprus travel guide issues include this beautiful land in it too. 

  1. Kyrenia:

The island’s northern side is in Turkish control, rather than only the cultural Greek Republic of Cyprus. This place is a harbor town in Turkish Cyprus that boasts its stunning backdrop made of Pentadaktylos Mountains, architecture over 1,300 years old, and has endless opportunities for outdoor recreation. 

These are some of the top places you can explore in Cyprus and add to your Cyprus travel guide as the places you should visit. These suggestions would help to visit as they are the most popular places to visit in Cyprus.

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