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What Do You Need to Know before Visiting Kiribati?

What Do You Need to Know before Visiting Kiribati?

Kiribati Travel Guide.

Kiribati is an archipelago in the central Pacific Ocean with over 30 islands. It has three island groups, namely, Gilbert Islands, Line Islands, and the Phoenix Islands. It is a less-traveled destination with pristine beauty and a salubrious climate. If you are looking for tranquility far from the worldly cacophony, then Kiribati shall be on your itinerary. Kiribati straddles across the equator and has islands in all four hemispheres.

Kiribati has excellent locations for fishing, beautiful sandy white beaches, the glorious Pacific Sun, and people with unmatched hospitality and warmth. It is becoming a popular destination among globe trekkers. It is among the best destinations for a “real” World War 2 experience. In fact, most people know Kiribati for its Second World War locations only.

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How to Access Kiribati, Currency & related Information

Fizi, another Pacific Country, or Australia are the best places to travel to Kiribati. You can exchange your currency for the Australian Dollar, a legal tender in Kiribati; that is, you can use the Australian Dollar and the local Kiribati Dollar. Please remember that travelers are allowed to carry a maximum of 5000 US dollars or equivalent. VISA and Mastercard are accepted by many local businesses and shops. However, Western Union Money Transfer operates on the main islands only.

The Best Time to Travel

The best time to travel is anytime except December to May, that is when it rains, and humidity can be overwhelming. Kiribati gets rains in the off-season as well as it is in the equatorial region.

Temperature and Climate

The isles have a tropical climate with temperatures ranging from 25 to 33 degrees celsius. The humidity levels are high, but the cool sea breeze that flows all year round will take care of that.

Why you Shall Visit Kiribati

Kiribati has a unique mix of history, climate, natural beauty that makes Kiribati a “Pearl of The Pacific.” However, the isles do not have much flora and fauna but still provide a lot to explore.

Best Fishing Destinations

Kiribati is an excellent location for lovers of fishing. There are plenty of fish species in the region, both soft-bone and hard-bone. It is advised to read the information brochures for the dress code because swimwear that is too “revealing” is not permitted.

Peaceful and Serene

Kiribati is unlike Tahiti and Hawai. It is much less explored by even serious travelers. Nevertheless, the beauty and hospitality of the locals are appreciated by the few who do travel to Kiribati.

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Colonial Buildings & World War Two locations

Kiribati has a colonial past, and there are many buildings of that era, still in good shape. For the travelers who look for such a destination, the colonial legacy of Kiribati is an attraction too striking to miss. Kiribati has seen many intense battles during the second world war. But it is not a “far from modern world” location; you will still have access to the “modern world facilities.”

The relics of the second world war are scattered all around on many isles. You may find a bullet on the beach and abandoned tanks looking into the sea. It will be quite a different experience from the usual “Museum” experience.

Heaven for Orinthophiles

Kiribati has a truly unique location. It straddles across the equator and has islands in all four hemispheres, North, South, East, and West. This unique location has made Kiribati a favorite stop destination for migratory birds. Few prized sightings are Phoenix Petre and White-Throated Storm Petre.

Traditional Lodges called Buias and Kia Kia

Kiribati offers unique lodge-style dwellings called Buias and Kia Kia. These are huge huts, often on a raised platform that are home to large communities. Community living is standard on the islands.

Things to Take note of:-

  1. Some local fish varieties can cause food poisoning. It is advised that you take assistance while cooking them.
  2. Getting around from one island to another is a time taking process so plan accordingly.
  3. The accommodation facilities have a local traditional flavor. Many have standard facilities and there aren’t high-end luxury hotels. However, local hospitality will beat the “professional plastic smiles” of most high-end hotels. Kiribati has kind local people with exceptional warmth and endearing attitudes.
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