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What is an Underwater Scooter?

What is an Underwater Scooter?

Underwater Scooter Explained.

An underwater scooter allows a diver to move forward under the water with minimum effort. It lets them remain underwater longer and without using too much oxygen from the oxygen tanks. This scooter transports the user over long distances. Diving with it is a great fun activity. There are small to large scooters in this range. The smaller ones can be carried easily while the larger ones may require transportation on a trailer, such as a jet ski.

How Does it Work?

This mechanically propelled vehicle is also known by the term Diver Propulsion Vehicle, sea scooter, Swimmer Delivery Vehicle and underwater propulsion vehicle. The device has a battery to power its thrusters. The person holds its handles and keeps the scooter in front when on the move. Its switch is used to move it forward. Recreational small models of underwater scooters are designed for shallow diving or snorkeling. These models do not require carrying any oxygen tanks which are needed if the user wants to dive deeper and remain under the water longer.

Different Designs of Underwater Scooters

These scooters are available in different capacities for different diving requirements. The lower end models are designed for beginners, snorkeling, shallow dives and short duration dives. These devices can be taken up to the depth of 65 feet. The battery can last up to one hour. These models have a lead acid battery. The lightweight devices are not suitable for children below 16 years. Smaller devices can pull the kids but do not have sufficient power to pull the adults. The high-end devices can go up to 100-250 feet. Their batteries offer longer runtime hours.

Diving scooters designed for serious divers have more powerful machine for deeper and longer duration diving. They are powerful enough to allow the users to carry the oxygen tanks effortlessly. Maneuvering is easier and smoother with these powerful devices. They allow the divers to go up to 250 feet of depth. Top models have a lithium ion battery that reduces the size and weight of the battery while preserving more power in a small setup. These devices have several features for better safety and different diving activities. The scooters have controlled acceleration allowing the user to move slowly or faster.

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Things to Consider when Buying an Underwater Scooter

Prepare a checklist of things you want in your underwater scooter. Decide how deep you want to go, how far you plan to travel, and if you need variable speed. You will need a device with fast charging capacity, or carry a spare battery if you want to use the scooter for longer duration.

Decide the features you need in the scooter to choose the right model. Read the instruction manual carefully before using it. Always keep someone informed when entering the water. Follow all safety precautions to avoid accidents. The equipment requires maintenance. Read the instruction manual to learn more about maintenance, assembling, disassembling, use and safety.

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